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Artur Davis: Democrats Want to Marginalize the Majority
RUSH: Artur Davis is a former Democrat, former member of the Congressional Black Caucasians.  Artur Davis has switched in Alabama to the Republican Party.  He's African-American.  He has been requested by news organizations and others to react to the ruling today, and he sent an e-mail, and I, your host, El Rushbo, as a powerful, influential member of the media, have a copy of Artur Davis' e-mail.  I would like to read it to you. 

"John Roberts’ surprise defection is a policy victory for Barack Obama that is worth no votes: just as Democrats miscalculated in 2010 by assuming that the passage of the healthcare law would prove that they could get things done, they are drawing the wrong lesson today if they assume a court’s vindication of an unpopular law will somehow validate the first Obama term.  The hostility to Obamacare among independents and swing voters is based on the cold fact that precious few of them believe it has done a thing to lower their premiums or improve their coverage, and that won’t change.
"But there is a larger story: this result shows the left’s continuing capacity to shape elite opinion by marginalizing positions that roughly half the country holds. Just as the left has caricatured opposition to same-sex marriage and abortion as retrograde and extreme, it just pulled off the same feat in the context of Obamacare: the case was made, and Roberts bought it, that a Court that has struck down 169 congressional statutes would somehow be dangerously activist if it added a 170th one to the mix. Its an undemocratic, disingenuous sleight of hand that the left is practicing, but it is winning: the cost is that it only widens the gap between Middle America and the elite."

This is Artur Davis, a former Democrat, now Republican, member of the House in Alabama. 

Romney Raises Over $1M After Ruling
RUSH: The Politico is reporting that the Romney camp says it's already raised more than a million dollars today.  Maybe the timing is just a coincidence.  Maybe some of the money people are taking out of the stock market.  But the Romney campaign has announced that it has raised over a million dollars. 

Did Supremes Wake Sleeping Giant?
RUSH: Republican congressman David Schweikert, Arizona, just said about the ruling a little a while ago: "The Supreme Court just woke up a sleeping giant.  Election just rolled back to 2010 because it was driven by Obamacare."  I hope he's right.  I would think the people of Arizona would already be awake by now.  I wouldn't think they would need the health care ruling in Arizona to be awake.


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