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Barry's Katrina? Obama and the Colorado Wildfires


RUSH: Is Obama flying over the fire in Colorado today or is he going out there? Remember during Hurricane Katrina Bush was excoriated for flying over Katrina, but not landing? And much later it was learned that Bush didn't land because he didn't want to be a distraction and he didn't want people on the ground to have to stop what they were doing in order to provide security. You know, when a president shows up, everything shuts down. And Bush said, "I don't want to do that." But he got creamed for not caring. Just flew over, gave the wings a couple of dips, and then headed back to Washington.

Obama is going to go out there to Colorado. He wasn't going to go. Somebody shamed him into going. They're having trouble putting out the fires because Obama and the defense budget cut a bunch of tankers that fly over these fires and drop chemicals. If he lands it's gong to take resources away from fighting the fires to handle him. If all he does fly over and look, do you think anybody would say, "Wow, how insensitive. He didn't care. He just flew over," like they did with Bush? I doubt it. They'd talk about how thoughtful he was and selfless.

"He could have landed and seen it first hand, but no, no! He put everybody else first."

That's what they'll say.