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DC Residents, Aren't You Glad You Don't Have Electric Cars (or Windmills and Solar Panels Powering Your Home)?


RUSH: If you're in the DC area, are you happy you don't have an electric car?  Yeah, with the power outages, are you happy you don't have an electric car?  Because two million, five million, three schmillion, whatever.  Aren't you glad you don't have an electric car?  By the way, how are those windmills working out for you?  How are the windmills and solar panels working out?  Are they running your air-conditioning for you?  As you sit there and sweat away, how are things doing in the nation's capital?  All those windmills are really working out, huh?  Solar panels, yeah, man, that's the future.  There you are, sitting there, sweating, stinking like a stuck pig for three days, and it's gonna be this way for another week.  It's a good thing you don't have an electric car or you couldn't get around, you couldn't escape.  Isn't it amazing. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not kidding.  DC area power outages after the storm could last for days.  I wonder how many people have solar panels on their homes and are wondering why isn't their air-conditioning working.  Well, seriously.  And, of course, global warming is back.  Forget the fact that it hadn't been hot like this in ten years.  Global warming is back. 


RUSH: How many windmills would have been destroyed by that land hurricane?  I'm just sitting here wondering.  How many windmills would still be standing if they were there in that land hurricane?  It was 90-mile-an-hour winds that came along there.  It didn't faze Tiger Woods, though.  Tiger wins at Congressional in the heat and the humidity.