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Liberals Claim "ObamaTax" Punishes "Free Riders"


RUSH: Let's go to Nancy Pelosi.  This is yesterday on Meet the Press, David Gregory said, "To the extent that you believe, others believe, the Supreme Court has conferred an extra level of legitimacy on ObamaTax, reality is that the court also said that the act is in effect a tax, that the individual mandate requiring people who can buy insurance is a tax.  Won't that make it more difficult to sell the popularity of this program to the American people?"

PELOSI:  Who is the penalty on?  The penalty is on people who have the wherewithal but refuse to buy health insurance, figuring they won't be sick, and if they do, other people will have to cover it.  So these free riders, as they were identified by Governor Romney himself, he said, people have the ability to pay and can't expect to be free riders, and I think that he termed it exactly right.  These free riders make health insurance for those who are taking responsibility more expensive.  Personal responsibility is a principle of our country.  Conservatives claim it. Progressives claim it. Liberals claim it. We all claim it.

RUSH:  What a crock she is asking us to swallow this now.  One more sound bite.  She's adamant that it's only a penalty on the free riders, still here with David Gregory on Meet the Depressed.

GREGORY:  The president was adamant, saying the individual mandate is not a tax.

PELOSI:  But --

GREGORY:  Well, in fact, his own solicitor general went to the Supreme Court and said, "This is constitutional under the taxing authority of Congress."

PELOSI:  That's right.

GREGORY:  So that's not how this was sold to the Amer -- (crosstalk) not how it was sold to the American people.

PELOSI:  It's a penalty.  No, it's a penalty.  It's a penalty that comes under the tax code for the 1%, perhaps of the population who may decide that they're gonna be free riders, but most people are not --

GREGORY:  It's a new tax.

PELOSI:  No, no.

GREGORY:  It's a new tax on the American people.

PELOSI:  It's not a tax on the American people.  It's a tax -- it's a penalty for free riders.

RUSH:  All right.  I've about had all this I can take. Free riders, a penalty for free riders.  What an attitude shift this is toward the uninsured.  What an about-face this is.  Pelosi, the Democrats are pushing for Obamacare back in 2009 and 2010, and they were bombarding us with heartbreaking stories about the 30 to 50 million people who had to go without health insurance.  And they weren't free riders, they were victims.  They were victims of a mean country, victims of the rich, victims of corporations, victims of small business.  They were victims of the 1%.  We were even told that 45,000 people die every year because they couldn't get health insurance, and now all of a sudden they're a bunch of freeloaders?  Now all of a sudden since the Supreme Court ruling has come out and made this effectively ObamaTax instead of Obamacare, now they're free riders? 

This is the party that celebrates free riders.  This is the party that devotes itself to creating even more free riders.  This is a party that could not survive without free riders and freeloaders.  This is a party that does everything it can to make people as dependent as possible on the government.  Free riders, freeloaders.  And now this ruling is apparently so distasteful that the Democrat Party has to do a 180 and start attacking their own voters.  Well, what happened to the precious 30 to 50 million uninsured?  This is the piece de resistance, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi mocking free riders.  The entire mission of the Democrat Party is to create more and more free riders.  Haven't they seen to it that almost half the country doesn't pay income tax, a bunch of free riders? 

Isn't their goal to get more and more people dependent on the government?  Didn't they spend millions advertising for more people to take free handouts from the government?  Isn't there a big advertising campaign on right now to expand the scope of food stamps to the food free riders?  Hell's bells, folks, the Democrat Party is the free rider party.  How do you say free riders in Spanish?  Joe Muniz, up in our sound bite central, Joe, I want you to send me an e-mail or a text, send me a phonetic spelling of free rider in Espanol.  Well?  Guess what.  That's what Obamacare is all about now, punishing the free riders.  It's just you evil people who can pay, but you don't, and you go to the emergency room when you get sick.  What the hell is insuring preexisting conditions if it's not a bunch of free riders? 

According to their definition, everybody with a preexisting condition, and now with ObamaTax, do you know what?  You don't have to have insurance.  In fact, we're not even talking about insurance anymore.  If preexisting conditions are now mandated to be treated, covered, then you don't buy insurance, you don't have any, you pay a little nominal fine as a free rider and then all of a sudden you're diagnosed with a terminal disease or something close to it, so you show up and you now have to be granted insurance.  Well, you're free riding, according to Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Party.  You who have preexisting conditions, who don't want to get insurance until the preexisting condition becomes something really bad, you're now a bunch of freeloaders.  From the party that creates them, invents them, lives off of them. 

What a bastardized thing we've ended up with here.  And it is a tax, and worse than that, it's a precedent-setting tax on what you do not do.


RUSH: Wait 'til you hear the details of this and what the IRS is now empowered to learn about you, your entire family, your business, via your tax return and how they're able to share it with other government agencies. 


RUSH: And we are back. Rush Limbaugh, talent on loan from God-d. All right, the term in Espanol for "free riders" is -- dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut! -- "aprovechados." Aprovechados. Aprovechados. That's somebody who takes advantage of the situation. That is the term that would most likely be applied here to free riders. Aprovechados. So any Hispanics in the audience that are speed-dialing here and they happen to come across "aprovechados" (chuckling), I guarantee you they stopped in their tracks to find out what that's about. 


RUSH: Pelosi, the Democrats, free riders.  And now to listen to the administration, people all over the Sunday shows yesterday, say it's not a tax.  It's not even Obamacare.  It's ObamaTax.  This is a tax, a tax written by the judicial branch of government.   The regime didn't even want it this way.  They'll take it obviously.  But now they're asking everybody to move on. 

Yep, that's right, time to move on now.  Democrats want to move on after ruling.  That's how we got MoveOn.org.  It's time to move on from Clinton, if you remember.  Can we just move on, Clinton-Lewinsky.  So we got MoveOn.org.  Which, by the way, is reporting they're having trouble raising money.  So maybe now they can revitalize themselves.  Move on from ObamaTax. 

From The Politico: "Never mind what the Supreme Court said -- the White House is doubling down on its insistence that the individual mandate isn’t a tax."  Sorry, it is.  Chief justice said so.  "Speaking on CNN’s 'State of the Union' Sunday morning, White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew said the mandate penalty is not a tax and the Supreme Court ruling didn’t make it so. And in any event, he said, very few people will have to pay it."  None of that is true.  There is, perhaps, a silver lining.  You've heard all the governors saying they're not gonna implement the law.  That's the Medicare expansion business.  Now, that is kind of interesting.  But, again, you gotta remember who we're dealing with now. 

We're dealing with people don't care about the law.  Obama himself granted amnesty to a million people a couple weeks ago when he, a couple of years ago, admitted he didn't have the power to do that constitutionally. But now it's an election year, so guess what?  I'll just go ahead and declare amnesty for these people, even though the Constitution says he didn't have the authority.  The Medicare expansion is quite... see, one of the ways that the federal government was able to, quote, unquote, keep the costs down on ObamaTax was two things.  First, they cut Medicare by $500 billion.  But then they put it back in, in the form of the states having to share almost all of the new burden on Medicaid.  So Obama promises all of this health insurance for the 30 million uninsured, now the free riders, spoken with contempt by Pelosi, her own voters, the party of free riders, the party of freeloaders.  They can't survive without free riders. 


RUSH: We're gonna start in Fairmont, West Virginia.  This is Nathan, and I'm glad you called, sir.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  The democratic talking point is that those who can afford health insurance, but do not purchase it, will be free riders --

RUSH:  That's right.

CALLER:  -- if they need health care services later.  However, many of those people are not going to be free riders. If they have the wealth to purchase their own insurance and do not, the hospitals and doctors' offices will not write them off as free riders.  They'll be charged to pay the bill out of their own pockets or they'll be put on some sort of payment plan with a hospital to pay over time.  The only people that the hospital would write off as free riders would be the very poor.  And the very poor, however this law defines that, have been slated to receive tax credits, so they will have their insurance purchased for them.  The vast majority of the free riders are not created by the people who can afford health insurance and choose not to do so.

RUSH:  Exactly right.  That's why this ruling is so big of a debacle that Pelosi has had to turn on her own voters.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  The poor.  Here she's ripping her own.  The party that creates free riders, the party that lives off of free riders, the party that wants more people to be free riders, she's out there now ripping 'em as the reason we had to do this whole bill.

CALLER:  But they insinuate that these people will be free riders who can afford health care.  Well, if they can afford the insurance, then they can probably afford some of the out-of-pocket costs for their health care.  For example, Rush, you would probably be defined as a free rider because you don't pay for health insurance but you're not in reality a free rider because you just pay out-of-pocket.  You're not a free rider or a burden to the health care system.  You pay for the costs, even though you don't --

RUSH:  But to them I am because I don't have insurance.  It doesn't matter.  This is another thing.  I'll try to leave myself out of this because my situation is admittedly unique, but according to their definition I'm a free rider because I don't have insurance.  I pay out-of-pocket.  Now, I'm not a burden because I'm not making other people pay.  But I am a free rider.  Even though I pay out-of-pocket and I pay direct, I'm still gonna have to buy insurance or pay a penalty even though I pay every penny of my health care costs and for my family. I'm still gonna have to go out and buy insurance.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  I don't want it. I don't want to have to mess with it. I don't want the lines. I don't want to have a member of my family die in the emergency room filling out the form for insurance before they get treated. I don't want any of that.

CALLER:  Well, their argument that's not challenged by the press when they say these people who can afford it will become free riders assumes that the hospital will say, "Oh, well, we're not gonna charge you anything once you get care," but they will be charged --

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  -- they will pay.  The only people who won't pay are the people who can't afford it at all, which the hospital would write off, but those people are getting their health insurance paid for anyway through tax credits.  So this creates more free riders, not the ones that they're talking about.

RUSH:  That's a good point.  Are you a free rider, is that how you know this?

CALLER:  No, I'm not a free rider.

RUSH:  (laughing)  I know.  I know.  I just wanted to ask. 

CALLER:  It frustrates me that they're not challenged on that because the logic obviously doesn't work.  They use the talking point that, oh, these people will be free riders because they assume -- the Democrats are assuming -- that everybody that's paid for health care does it through insurance.  Well, some people don't.

RUSH:  Well, that's what's amazing about this, because up until this weekend this health care legislation was all about taking care of the poor, disadvantaged victims of this unfair country who either work for people who are so mean they didn't provide health care on the job or only hired 'em part time so they wouldn't have to pay their health care benefits or people who are unemployed.  By the way, what do the unemployed do when they get their penalty?  Anyway, all of a sudden now, what was an altruistic, we're told, what was an altruistic piece of legislation -- I can't tell you how many times I heard it, richest country in the world, worst health care in the world. And now all of a sudden the people that don't have insurance are a bunch of freeloaders.  Now all of a sudden the people that don't have insurance are targets. 

Now all of a sudden, according to Pelosi, if you don't have health insurance, why, you're gaming the system, why, you're probably cheating on food stamps, too.  Look at the 180 they've been forced to do because they cannot admit that this is a tax.  You know, the uninsured are now scum.  Free-riding scum. 



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