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"Every day, folks, the top news of the day is a chronicle of the country literally coming apart at the seams. Nothing we thought we could count on as a guardrail or a bulwark seems to be working."

"There is going to remain a top-drawer health care in this country only for the rich because it's gonna be direct pay with no insurance involved or very little insurance, and that's why you don't see any of the super rich upset about this because they know none of it's gonna impact them."

"All these years, if I cared what was said about me, and I decided to change my core beliefs in order to avoid the criticism, to get praised, how far would I be along now?"

"We've gotta win the House, we have to win the Senate, we have to win the White House, and after we do that, the people that win have gotta be committed to getting rid of this."

"The entire mission of the Democrat Party is to create more and more free riders. Haven't they seen to it that almost half the country doesn't pay income tax, a bunch of free riders? Isn't their goal to get more and more people dependent on the government?"

"Didn't the Democrat Party spend millions advertising for more people to take free handouts from the government? Isn't there a big advertising campaign right now to expand the scope of food stamps to the food free riders? Hell's bells, folks, the Democrat Party is the free rider party."

"One of the favorite themes of the media is to write about conservatives at war with one another, and that's what this is, the four justices, conservative justices at war with Roberts, and they love that theme."

"The views expressed by the host on this show make more sense than anything anybody else out there happens to be saying because I am not trying to impress anybody. I'm just trying to get it right. And when I try, I do."

"There isn't the money for this program, folks, there isn't the money for it. I don't care what Jack Lew or any other regime official says. Everybody is going to be paying more. Premiums are gonna go up. Taxes are gonna go up. Coverage is gonna go down."

"Now, I understand the idea of wanting to be positive and all that, but you gotta be realistic at the same time, and this is an utter disaster. It is just a crying shame what is happening to our country."

"If you're in the DC area, are you happy you don't have an electric car? Yeah, with the power outages, are you happy you don't have an electric car."

"Ladies and gentlemen, on Friday, when I opened the program I told you I felt sick, and I spent the next two hours explaining why I felt sick. Today I'm scared. I'm a combination of angry and scared."

"The Washington, New York media runs the Supreme Court of the United States. They run the chief justice. They can intimidate, and they did."

"If you're a statist, if you're a dictator, if you're an authoritarian, the Constitution of the United States is your biggest enemy because all it does is tell you what you can't do. It limits you. It limits your power over your citizens, your subjects, your people. We can't have that."

"The Constitution has been stood upside down, inside out, on its head. And that's why people who are devoted to government as the command-and-control authority in everybody's life are ecstatic and happy because the Constitution just had a big chunk of it written out."

"The Constitution is the greatest document ever written in the world regarding individual liberty and freedom. It's not taught that way. It's taught as an antiquated piece of out-of-date junk that limits what the government can do for people, giving them this and giving them that and making them eat that for their own benefit and making them drive that for their own benefit."

"You know, life is high school. We never get out of high school. Life is always high school. You can always boil it down to that."

"Jay Carney, the White House spokeskid, says it's absurd to think Fast and Furious is about gun control. But Obama's lead US attorney in Arizona oversaw the program. Every day, every day it's a new threatening disaster that strikes this country."

"I don't know if you've ever been audited, folks, but you're always guilty on day one, and you have to prove that they're wrong."


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