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MacBooks Held Up By UPS
RUSH: I'm not in a bad mood.  My MacBook Pro, the Retinas, I ordered a bunch of 'em.  They've been in a warehouse at UPS in Louisville since Saturday, supposed to be delivered today by 10:30, still says that on the tracking.  But they're still stuck in Louisville. 

Why is Apple holding these things?  I mean the release date's come and gone.  (interruption) Yeah, maybe it could be customs.  That's right.  The MacBook Pro Retinas came from Shanghai.  But they've been there.  The delivery date is today at 10:30, it still says "on schedule."  Why don't they change that?  You know, I went deeper down their tracking website, and clicked on the tracking numbers, all five of them, and they're being held in a warehouse.  I thought maybe Apple was waiting, 'cause this is the delayed model, and I thought they were waiting make sure they're all distributed at the same time.  But customs probably does make more sense.

Tiger Unfazed By Weather in Big Win
RUSH: How many windmills would have been destroyed by that land hurricane?  I'm just sitting here wondering.  How many windmills would still be standing if they were there and that land hurricane?  It was 90-mile-an-hour winds that came along there.  It didn't faze Tiger Woods, though.  Tiger wins at Congressional in the heat and the humidity.

Anderson Cooper Gay, May Boost Ratings
RUSH: Anderson Cooper has come out of the closet.  He has admitted that he's gay. "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn't be any more happy." It's an AP story.  Wait a minute now.  It worked wonders for Obama's fundraising.  It may be the best ratings move CNN's made in I don't know how long. (interruption) Well, I don't know how odd it was.  A lot of people knew.  But now the stamp of approval, it's now official.  Yeah, for those that didn't know it might give CNN a ratings boost.  We'll find out.  Yeah, maybe 120,000 up from 115,000.  Who knows.  They'll take 'em. 



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