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States Balk at Paying for the Uninsured Under "ObamaTax"


RUSH: The states under ObamaTax, have to pay for all of that new insurance coverage for the people who aren't insured via Medicaid.  Well, the problem is many of the states have their own fiscal emergencies. California and others have already been buried by unfunded liabilities when it comes to public employee pensions and health care. You make 125 grand a year working for the state, you retire at age 50, you get 90% of your salary for the rest of your life and free health care for the rest of your life, times tens of millions of employees.  States don't have the money.  And, unlike the federal government, they can't print it.  But Obamacare offloads all this new spending on the states.  But the court decision said that the states, if they refuse to accept the new spending mandates from the Feds, cannot be punished by the Feds. 

If anybody wants a silver lining, this could be it.  However, who are we dealing with here?  We're dealing with lawless people anyway.  The bottom line is, the states can opt out.  They can refuse to pay health insurance costs for the newly covered, the former uninsured.  And in so doing, in refusing, they can't be punished by the federal government in any way by having money for other programs taken away from them.  Okay, well, then, how can Obama settle that score?  'Cause there are a bunch of states, I think 12 of them so far who've said, we're not gonna implement this piece of garbage.  Rick Scott of Florida, the most recent one, said we're not gonna implement it. 

Let's take Florida.  Rick Scott says, (paraphrasing) "I don't care, I'm not implementing this. I'm not accepting these new costs.  My state can't afford it.  Tough toenails, Obama."  Okay, here comes Hurricane Pelosi sometime in September, and it goes down there and destroys where the Miami "Heats" play basketball. And it destroys South Beach so that the Miami "Heats" don't have any place to party.  The Miami "Heats," that's what Obama called 'em.  So the Miami "Heats" arena is destroyed, and South Beach where the "Heats" party, all the hotels are destroyed.  And, of course, we are gonna need disaster aid.  I mean, the "Heats" arena's been destroyed and the Heats party place has been destroyed.  Obama says, "Well, sorry, you're on your own.  We're not sending any people down there. We're not gonna send any trailers, any people, you're on your own."  That's how this bunch would do payback. 

That's just one example.  There are many other ways that Obama can exact revenge, just as the states are, too, but, you know, this is a matter of principle as well as finance for these governors.  There isn't the money for this program, folks, there isn't the money for it.  I don't care what Jack Lew or any other regime official says.  Everybody is going to be paying more.  Premiums are gonna go up.  Taxes are gonna go up. Coverage is gonna go down. There's gonna be rationing. There will be death panels.  It's the only way this can in any way, shape, manner, or form appear to be working.


RUSH: One more thing about the states being forced to pick up the slack.  The states being forced to pay for the coverage of all these new people that don't have coverage.  I've never understood how it is some people think forcing more people to buy a finite resource will lower its cost.  We only have so much health care because we only have so many doctors and so many hospitals.  Thirty million, forty million uninsured, they say, we're gonna add them to it. 

Imagine if there were only 10,000 iPhones.  Would the price go up or down, if everybody was told they've gotta have one?  It would not go down.  I'm just saying.  But here's the real irony about Obamacare.  All of this is being done for the poor, right?  The poor, freeloaders, free riders, whatever they are.  Medicaid for the poor.  Medicare for the old, seasoned citizens.  But we've been led to believe that the uninsured, ah, man, they're the greatest people on earth. They're poor and they're the downtrodden. They've been stepped on by everybody in this evil country. They're just victims left and right.  But we're gonna cover it.  We're gonna make sure they get covered.  Except, wait a minute, states are opting out. 

So guess who doesn't get covered in Obamacare?  The poor.  The victims.  The very people this whole thing is ostensibly aimed at are the ones, if all these states opt out, aren't gonna get covered.  But then, wait a minute, wait a minute, hold it, we're not finished, because what does Obama want?  He wants everybody going to the federal government anyway.  He wants single payer.  So all the states opt out, they say, "Sorry, we don't have the money. We cannot afford to provide insurance for all these people." 

"Okay, well, just send 'em back to us here at the federal government.  We don't have any budget constraints. We don't care about deficits or debt.  We'll cover 'em."  And we're on our way, single payer. 



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