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There Will STILL Be Private Health Care for the Rich


RUSH: I'll tell you what else is gonna happen. There is still going to be private sector health care for the rich. It will still exist. It exists in Great Britain. It exists in Cuba. You think Fidel uses what his citizens use? Ha! Doctors from Spain flew over to try to fix his colon, which came detached 'cause he didn't want to wear a bag. That's when he got sick. He got really infected in there. But in this country, it's gonna be the same. If you don't want to pay insurance because you're a rich guy, you pay the fine.

And then you make a deal with the doctor and the hospital he works at. You put it on your credit card or you write 'em a check. Somehow you pay 'em direct. It'll cost less with no insurance but that's still gonna be available. (interruption) It won't get to that in the second term because that's he's gonna get his health care. Obama is not gonna fix that. You think all these rich Democrats in Hollywood are gonna be forced on Obama's plan? There's no way.

Top-drawer health care will remain in this country, but only for the rich because it's gonna be direct pay with no insurance involved or very little insurance. And that's why you don't see any of the super rich upset about this because they know none of it's gonna impact them. That's why Buffett doesn't care. That's why Gates doesn't care. That's why Clooney doesn't care, or any of these other little Hollywood people that run around raising money for Obama.

They don't care because the best health care is gonna remain available to them because they are gonna be able to afford it, with money to spare. So the best is still going to be available, and we're still gonna end up with a tiered system. And for all these people think we're gonna have this massive utopia where everybody is now equal and everybody gets the same and it's always gonna be the best, you wait. The best is still gonna be there, and it's gonna be as far away from the average citizen as it is today.

And nothing about ObamaTax changes that.



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