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Two If By Tea Free Gift Set for 4th of July! Plus, Where in the World is Two If By Tea?


RUSH: Folks, even though we're questioning it after last week's health care decision, we still are the United States of America. We are still one nation under God. We still admire our Founding Fathers. And we are doing everything we can to defend and protect our brilliant Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now, this is one of the reasons that we started Two If By Tea. "One If By Land, Two If By Tea." It's a spinoff of Paul Revere's "One if by land, two if by sea! The British are coming!" warning from our founding days.

And now more than ever we need to scream, "The Liberals Are Coming!" They're everywhere. At our small American-made, American-run company Two If By Tea, we are extremely proud of this country. American exceptionalism. And we are forever and will always remain proud of those who fight daily to defend our freedoms and beliefs. We've got Independence Day coming up, Fourth of July on Wednesday, as we celebrate our nation's birthday. We're gonna really celebrate it, all of us are, just because of what's going on.

In honor of this special day, I want to tell you about one of our "Where in the World is Two If By Tea?" stores. You may recall we recently started allowing mom-and-pop stores to purchase Two If By Tea at wholesale prices to be sold in their stores 'cause we had so many people asking for this. We've always liked to maintain a direct line of contact between you and us. No middlemen. We like to be able to have that direct line of communication to you, all of our customers. But the mom-and-pops wanted the tea.

So we set up a place on our website where mom-and-pops could get hold of us. They were saying, "We want to sell it! We want to sell it!" We call it "Where in the World is Two If by Tea?" You can find the location of these stories at the "SHOP" page at TwoIfByTea.com under "Find a Store." There's a map; it's got the store addresses. One of them is in Naples, East Naples. It opened in 1964. Del's 24 Hour Store. It's a family business, a quintessential American store.

They've been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 48 years now, almost. And they have everything there from bait to diapers to bread -- and now, Two If By Tea. Del and his wife Nancy work hard, day in and day out, to make their small business run. They're doing something special for the Fourth of July, and we want to encourage everybody in the Naples, Florida, area to stop by. I'll tell you what Del's has going on when we come back.


RUSH: TwoIfByTea.com is our website. It's like I said. All these mom-and-pops out there wanted the tea. And not just mom-and-pops, but that's what we focused on. A bunch of people wanted us to make the tea available via wholesale, but we liked having the direct contact with the customers. No middlemen. But it was so many people that asked we set up the system called "Where in the World is Two If by Tea?" That's a place where mom-and-pops can advocate, beg (chuckles), whatever, ask us to make tea available

And, as I say, one of them is Del's 24 Hour Store in East Naples in Florida. They've been around 48 years. It's a guy, Del, and his wife, Nancy. They work day in and day out, 24/7, 365. They're doing something special for the Fourth of July. And, as I say, they've got everything from bait to diapers. I don't know if they have contraception in there or not, but they've got everything -- plus, now, Two If By Tea. And what they're doing on the Fourth of July is serving grilled hot dogs and Two If By Tea samples and giving out gifts and posters with the purchase of Two If By Tea.

And after the cookout, Del and Nancy tell us that fireworks are gonna be seen on both sides of the store. So you want to stick around for that. A lot of people don't have their plans finalized for Fourth of July. If you want (and you're in the Naples, Florida, area), Del's is at 2802 Thomasson Drive in Naples. All this is going on from 11 am to five pm. They are ecstatic, and so are we. Thanks to this little tea business, I'm a tea expert now. I know what happens to tea. I know how to make it stronger. I know how to do everything with it.

I know how to make it taste great. The best-tasting iced tea in the country is Two If By Tea. Del's 24 Hour Store in Naples will be serving grilled hot dogs and free samples of tea. Now, we know that not everybody can get to Florida. Not everybody's in Florida. So we want to give everybody an American-made present in honor of the Fourth of July for your continued support of Two If By Tea, because that equals continued support of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. So, all you have to do is just go to TwoIfByTea.com right now.

If you buy two cases of tea (any flavor), you will automatically receive one of our Premium Patriotic Gift Sets. That includes two oversized, handmade, white ceramic mugs with the Rush Revere logo and a bag of Ronald Reagan's favorite jelly beans in a nice gift box. And it's free. Free! No strings attached. No handling. No shipping. Totally free. The mug and the jelly beans for two purchases or two cases of tea. And that's us and our Fourth of July for you at TwoIfByTea.com.

The Gift Sets are great. They were great over holidays and we've re-upped on 'em. It's all explained at TwoIfByTea.com.


RUSH: Okay, I'LL mention it one more time. I checked the e-mail and people missed the address for the Fourth of July celebration over at Naples at our new mom-and-pop selling Two If By Tea. It's Del's 24 Hour Store. The address there is 2802 Thomasson Drive in Naples. They're gonna gets mobbed. They're going to get mobbed. But it's worth it. You get hot dogs, you get Two If By Tea from 11 to five, fireworks and a proud bunch that's been out there in business 24/7 for 48 years. Del's 24 Hour Store, and it's on Thomasson Drive at 2802.



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