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"There is nothing positive or good in Obamacare. There's nothing in it. I don't care if you want to keep your kid on your policy 'til 26, preexisting condition, those two things are not worth the accompanying transformation and destruction of what has been known as the United States of America."

"Republicans are busy arguing semantics -- tax, penalty, silver lining -- rather than exposing what Obamacare does to every American using health care and every American who's going to use it. It does enormous damage to the Constitution."

"Unless some people get their heads in the game and focus on what really happened here with Obamacare and what really is happening, we're going to go down the tubes."

"People do not want government-run health care. It forces them into an inferior system. Everybody who knows anything about this bill knows that."

"I don't care what John Roberts said, I don't care what Romney's guy says, and I don't care what the argument ends up determining whether it's a tax or a penalty. What are we gonna end up with? We're gonna end up with massive transfers of wealth from individuals to the government."

"We need to move the media out of Washington. The media need to go to Colorado and live around the fires. They need to go to Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and live near the border. They need a different perspective on life."

"Our base doesn't need to be fired up anymore. What the base wants is the Constitution saved. They want Obamacare killed."

"There's nothing decent happening in this country right now economically, and Obamacare is going to make it even worse."

"Jim Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute. He used to write stuff for Reuters, which is incomprehensible to me. I don't know what a guy who I agreed with as often as I agreed with Jim Pethokoukis is doing writing for Reuters, but he did."

"People don't want government-run health care because it forces 'em into an inferior system. And the people who don't know any better need to be saved from themselves: the young, the ignorant. The people who don't know what's ahead of them need to be saved from themselves and protected."

"This legislation is gonna be an anathema to individual freedom and liberty. This will deny people choices. It will deny people services, medical services, medical choices."

"The brilliance of the United States Constitution is its timelessness. It applies to the human condition until eternity, because it is a document devoted to maintaining, proclaiming, and maintaining the freedom and liberty of the individual. It's the greatest document of liberty and freedom ever written by human beings, and it is a target."

"You know, if something is unconstitutional, the legislative and presidential branches have violated the Constitution. It's the role of judiciary to uphold the Constitution, not throw it back to the corrupt bunch that created it in the first place. Where's the win-win in that? Where is the silver lining in throwing it back to the corrupt party that gave us this in the first place?"

"Each branch of the federal government has a job to do; each is supposed to abide by the Constitution. To say that Roberts threw it to the Congress and this is somehow a good thing, when Congress violated the Constitution putting it together in the first place? That's to say that the four great dissenters had it wrong. But they were right. Roberts was wrong! We throw it back to the corrupt institution that gave us this corrupt law, and that's a win?"

"Chief Justice Roberts upheld this. He didn't throw it back to the legislative branch, to the elected representatives of the people. Could do it again. He upheld it. It is the law of the land. The damage that was done to the Constitution cannot be fixed by repealing Obamacare."

"The biggest problem we have is that nobody's gonna get screwed 'til starting in 2014 or 2015. That's when the screw job implements. Nobody's gonna get screwed between now and the election."

"There's not one genuine real, true conservative who wants any part of this in any way, shape, manner, or form. And certainly nobody who reveres and loves the Constitution wants any part of it."

"To talk about whether it's a tax or a penalty is nothing more than being granted the opportunity to avoid the substance, while making it look like you're devoted to the substance."

"If they can tax us for not buying insurance, they can tax our carbon emissions. Just takes a special piece of legislation. Nothing special, actually, because the Supreme Court has just broadened Congress' taxing power to be essentially limitless, and there is no silver lining in that."

"If everything happened according to the law, we would have a very interesting situation. But the law doesn't matter to the people who are running the show right now, and I don't know how to say it other than that."

"Everything Barack Obama has done has done great damage to our economy. Every single policy, from the stimulus on. Everything Obama has done has resulted in a slowdown and then a further slowdown, then another slowdown of the United States economy and a shrinkage of the private sector. And we ain't seen nothing yet 'til this thing gets implemented."

"The economic impact of this, the impact on the private sector economy of Obamacare, will dwarf the impact of the stimulus and all of the other Obama programs combined."

"I'm telling you, if the election were today, it would be a landslide defeat for Obama. I don't care who Romney picks as his veep, it isn't gonna matter, if the election were held today."

"The vast, vast majority of problems we have in this country are directly traceable to liberals, Democrats. I know that that sounds simplistic and it probably is not pervasive, but I'm sorry, I don't know how else to say it. I really don't. And it isn't complicated."

"When the NFL is equal to Big Tobacco, when the NFL is Joe Camel, I hope the people in the NFL have an understanding of what faces them. I hope they know what's ahead of them."

"If there is a second Obama term, it will be noted for two things: a continuing, long recession, and widespread breakdowns in the implementation of his health reform plan. There's no question that's gonna happen."

"If you want to know the hard, cold truth, all this is to Obama is bigger government, more power, more control, and the opportunity to raise taxes and redistribute the money. That's all it is to him. That's what he wanted out of it."

"Folks, I think one of the biggest problems that we face today is that freedom and liberty have just become empty words. In some cases people even laugh when you assert the notion you might lose your freedom or liberty. And we've gotta change that. Freedom and liberty are not put in context or taught in school, not properly. If you're not of a certain age, it doesn't mean much to you, and that has to change. Happy Independence Day."


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