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Dr. Walter E. Williams Celebrates Twenty Years Filling in Behind the Golden EIB Microphone

"This year marks the twentieth year that I've been sitting in and hosting the show for Rush Limbaugh. Twenty years! It's amazing that twenty years has gone by that fast. But look at those pictures of me. The only difference between 1992 and today, is I was wearing a brown tie in 1992."
-Dr. Walter E. Williams

Read It! Race & Economics: How Much Can Be
Blamed on Discrimination? - Walter E. Williams
Read It! Up from the Projects: An Autobiography - Walter E. Williams

My Prediction for Obamacare Ruling Hit the Mark

"Moral people cannot rely solely on the courts to establish right and wrong." -Dr. Williams

"When the poor Irish fled the Potato Famine and arrived in New York with just the clothes on their backs, did they get food stamps? If not, how did they make it?" -Dr. Williams

Interview and Your Calls with Dr. Thomas Sowell

"We've reached the point where groups like the Ku Klux Klan can't do much to stop us, but our friends can do a lot to stop us." -Dr. Sowell

Double Standard: "African-Americans for Obama"

"Thieves don't care about who pays for something. They just want to have a good time. The question is this: Do we want to be that kind of country?" -Dr. Williams

"I think that 'African-Americans for Obama' is divisive and despicable. There's one standard we hold whites up to, and another that we hold blacks up to -- which is lower. Imagine the uproar if Romney started 'Whites for Mitt.'" -Dr. Williams


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