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Pearls of Wisdom

"We loved Reagan and we still do. But Reagan was not a manipulative, insincere, conniving president. The love that people had for Reagan was a genuine love, not a celebrity idolatry. People loved Reagan deeply as a man, as a human being."

"We don't have anybody on our side that anybody's gonna fall in love with, and, frankly, that's fine with me. We don't want people falling in love with candidates. That's what people did with Obama in 2008. We don't want that."

"Can you imagine, if Obama's reelected, the mess he's gonna inherit? And then who's he gonna blame that on? I know the answer."

"By extending the Bush tax cuts for 98% of the American people, Obama is tantamount admitting that his policies are failures. This must be said. This must be pointed out."

"When we near elections, when it comes time to win them, what do the Democrats do? They move to the right, try to make themselves sound and look conservative, not in name, obviously, but lifestyle policy-wise."

"We are not big government people. We don't want to rely on other people to do things for us. We have to place our trust in elected officials, but to take ourselves out of the equation and to say that we play no role in this is a mistake."

"My only point is we don't have to love these people. The objective here is to stop Obama. That's it, in its entirety. Romney is the vessel for that. He's going to benefit from that."

"Thanks to the Supreme Court, it's just been called a tax. It's not even Obamacare anymore. It's ObamaTax."

"I must tell you, I felt great after the program yesterday because when you strip it all away, it was uplifting. It's what we all can be. It's what we all don't want to lose. We all know what the reason for this nation's greatness is. We all know why we're unique. We all know what American exceptionalism is."

"The Democrat Party is a sitting duck. With the right campaign, with the right approach, the proper understanding of where we are as a culture and a country today, this bunch is a sitting duck."

"There cannot be an economic recovery in the private sector with full implementation of Obamacare. Not possible."

"Unemployment is dropping in states that elected Republican governors. It is clear when you add all of that up. Those are individual items, but when you lump them together, when you add them all up, it is clear that a majority of likely voters are ready to replace Obama. I have no doubt that a majority of people are ready for this."

"We're in a single elimination tournament, so to speak, one-and-done. A Republican loss in the House or the Senate or the presidency is game, set, and match. We have to win all three, and then after that, we have to do the right things with the new power that we will have been entrusted with, or I should say they have to because we aren't gonna be there. If we lose the House, it's over. If we lose the Senate, it's over. If we lose the presidency it's over for the economy and for individual freedom."

"A new government program is going to be called for to fix what's wrong with it. And it's going to progressively deteriorate and become as ineffective as every liberal program that's ever come down the pike is, and we will never be allowed to examine the results of the program."

"I think I figured out what CNN's gonna do to try to recapture their lost glory. I think they're gonna move further to the left, try to even out-left MSNBC. That's based on a couple things I've seen. It's too early to know for certain, too soon to tell right now, but it looks to me like CNN is gonna move even further left in their valiant effort to recapture the 98% of their audience that they've lost since the 1980s."

"The Carter presidency was a disaster from the moment Jimma was sworn in. It was an utter disaster and everybody knew it."

"I still believe in the America as founded and that it still exists. I still believe that a majority of the American people want that country to continue to reassert and prosper again. I firmly believe this."

"If Barack Obama's winning is entirely based upon his likability, then they could lose this thing and lose it big because I don't believe those likability numbers either."

"There isn't anything grassroots about Obama. Obama is Alinsky. Obama is a thugocracy. Obama is the Chicago way. Obama is wiping out the playing field, not leveling it or any of this other happy horse manure."


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