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Pearls of Wisdom

"I don't know what impact this would have on people if they figured it out, but everybody will receive a tax cut -- even the rich -- on the first $250,000 they earn if the Bush tax rates are extended."

"It is the American left, it's liberalism, and it's the Democrat Party killing Scranton, and any other city that's being bulldozed or soon to be bulldozed. Just ask yourself who's been running the place, for how long. "

"In this country, in the American media, the American left, being successful is out of touch. And that's a problem."

"FDR and the Kennedys were hereditary millionaires, lucky sperm club. They just had to grow up."

"Repealing Obamacare, to the American left, is denying free health care to 30 million people while you give yourself a tax cut and hold onto your own health care. That's what the Democrats are spreading."

"I have no idea what the majority of Americans think, but I can tell you what the left thinks. The left thinks Obamacare is free health care for themselves and the 30 million who are uninsured. And they also believe that the people who want to repeal it don't want people to have free health care. They don't want people to have what they've got."

"Obama doesn't show up anywhere, other than before an audience of college kids or union people. That's it. You won't see Obama at the NAALCP. He's gonna send Biden, tell some sex jokes, or whatever else Biden's gonna end up gaffing."

"Romney will speak to venues like the NAALCP. He'll go into enemy territory. Obama will not. And who's the president of the United States and who's the candidate?"

"By the way, Romney got a standing O at the end of it. After all of that he did get a standing ovation at the end of his speech at the NAALCP. I don't know how many news media will report that. But I think it's an insult to send Biden to the NAALCP, first black president, election year, can't show up to your convention?"

"Behind closed doors, I'm telling you, and this is Democrat cloakrooms all across the country, there's panic, there's fear, and they know that they are in trouble."

"The Kennedys, FDR, grew into it, lucky sperm club. Romney, however, is out of touch and doesn't care. Why? 'Cause he worked in the private sector, because he played by the rules, because he's got some bank accounts in the Cayman Islands?"

"This ABC/Washington Post poll, headline: 'Obama Has Problems With Independent Voters.' How can Obama even be tied? If the polls are made up of Republicans, independents and Democrats, and Obama loses, and is losing independents, how come Obama's always tied or ahead overall in these polls? And the answer is because that's where they want him to be."

"Scranton, Pennsylvania, has been in control of Democrats since forever. And the mayor there has been pushing for insane tax increases. Where's Obama on this? He doesn't give a rat's rear end."

"The perception of the rich is that they are in total control of everything. They know every secret. They know every trick. They know every way to skirt the law just by being rich, because the way it's been structured by the left for 50 years is that's how you got there. You got there by cheating. You got there by stealing. You got there by skirting the law. You got rich by taking advantage of other people."

"More and more people don't think hard work leads to the acquisition of wealth, or the creation of wealth. They think there are corners cut, that there's some kind of cheating going on. That's why they're very open to the idea of having these people punished with higher taxes."

"Another thing that we have dumbed down in this country is the quality of our politicians, and I am dead serious. Even the Democrats in office today are ten times worse than the Democrats of yesteryear."


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