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Romney Leads with Independents, Married People
RUSH: "In the new ABC News/Washington Post poll, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney extends his lead among Independents to 14 points, 53-39 percent."  It's 53 to 39, Romney leading Obama, independents.  "Two months ago, a POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground poll found Romney had a ten-point lead among the critical Independent voters."

And then there's the Quinnipiac University poll that says that Obama leads Romney two to one with single women, and not only that, buried in this poll, Romney leads 54 to 35 among married men, and a seven-point advantage among married women.  Obama leads 47 to 38 among single men, two to one single women.  It's no wonder Obama and the Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy marriage.  Married men and women are going for Romney in droves.  Single men and women are going for Obama.  So it makes total sense that Obama would want to destroy marriage. 

This ABC/Washington Post poll, headline:  "Obama Has Problems With Independent Voters." How can Obama even be tied?  What I want to know is, and it goes to what Artur Davis told me yesterday, people that count, entrepreneurs not home between 5:30 and 7pm, Dick Morris says that pollsters are not reaching people that vote. They're calling people that don't vote, ergo they're registered voters rather than likely voters.  But if the polls are made up of Republicans, independents and Democrats, and Obama loses, and is losing independents, how come Obama's always tied or ahead overall in these polls?  And the answer is because that's where they want him to be.  This ABC/Washington Post poll has Obama and Romney at 47%, and that's identical to what it was two months ago in May.  These people tell us the independents, great unwashed, great undecided, that's where every election is won or lost, and it hasn't gotten worse since May?  It's gotten dramatically better so that Obama wouldn't lose any support. 

CNN:  "There's a large marriage gap in the race for the White House, according to a new national poll.  A Quinnipiac University survey released Wednesday morning indicates that President Barack Obama holds a 54%-34% lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney among non-married voters." That's a 20-point lead.  Now, why would that be?  Why would Obama be up 20 among nonmarried voters while Romney leads 51%-38% among married voters?  "Obama's lead among women fuels his campaign as the marriage gap is actually larger and more telling," said Peter Brown, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac poll.  So they're obviously gonna think the War on Women is working, this mythical War on Women.

Eleanor Clift to Preezy: Sell Obamacare
RUSH: Eleanor Clift, Newsweek.  Eleanor Clift is still around.  That's right.  And she's mad.  Well, not mad.  She's puzzled why Obama won't hype his health care plan.  Now that it's been upheld she's upset that he won't go out there and sell it.  Headline: "Why Won’t Obama Sell His Health-Care Plan Now That It’s Been Upheld? -- With the House ready to symbolically slay the law again and a new poll showing more public support, some Democrats are urging Obama to belatedly make the case for his controversial reform."

You know, she has a point.  Obama won't go anywhere near it.  He won't talk about it because it's a tax.  It is now a full-fledged tax.  He doesn't want to talk about it. He doesn't want the details of the program talked about. He doesn't want the rationing. He doesn't want the penalty, doesn't want the fine, doesn't want the taxes, doesn't want the death panels, doesn't want any of that discussed.  And Eleanor Clift doesn't understand.  This is a big win.  Go out there and beat your chest on this.  She's puzzled.  She doesn't know why Obama won't go out there and claim victory and say the Supreme Court did a wonderful thing out there.

Libs Want More Stimulus
RUSH: Here is an editorial in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "Obama should call for new stimulus and a greater payroll tax cut."  So all these Democrats from all directions are puzzled at what Obama is or isn't doing.  He's getting all of this advice, and all of it would be devastating to Obama. 

Gallup: Americans Tune Out TV News
RUSH: From Breitbart.com, the Big Journalism site: "According to a new Gallup poll measuring Americans' confidence in television news, the level is the lowest since the poll was begun in 1993. [Only] 21% of adults expressed a great deal of confidence in television news reporting." You know what's interesting?  That's pretty close to the percentage that's opposed to photo ID to vote.  It's around 21%. 

"Gallup tested 16 institutions, including newspapers, and TV news ranked 11th. Newspapers were ranked 10th. There was an interesting divide among those on the left; Democrats were the most confident in television news of all the groups surveyed (now there’s a shock) but postgraduates, who are more generally Democrats, had the least confidence in the TV news industry. This would tend to imply that well-educated people were more distrustful of what was spoon-fed them by the TV media, while those who were lower-income Democrats didn’t question the TV media’s bias toward the left.  A very important statistic showed that moderates were much less confident than they were in 2008."

Now, what does all this say?  What does this mean?  I'm not sure that I believe it because if this is true, if a vast majority of Americans say they're tuning TV news out and that they have no confidence in it, then somebody explain to me why Barack Obama is at 47 or 48% in the polls.  Seriously.  You know, I've seen these surveys over the years about people losing confidence in television news.  There's evidence that it's true.  For example, CNN's ratings, one of the reasons they've only got a hundred thousand viewers in the precious 25 to 54 demographic.

You need to put this in perspective.  Or I need to try to put that in perspective for you.  This is a national cable news network.  They were the first.  And when they started, they were the only cable news network for many, many moons.  To have a hundred thousand viewers at any one time in the 25-54, actually, the totals are around 154,000.  It's a thimble full.  They have lost ten times the audience that they used to have, or that they have now.  There has to be distrust as one of the reasons.  There are a lot of reasons why people don't watch things on television.  Probably chief among them is they're bored.  Programming is boring or what have you.  But the nightly newscasts on the networks have lost audience and have been bleeding audience for years. 

You know what the most trusted institution is in this poll?  Military.  Military is still the most trusted institution.  Seventy-five percent confidence rating.  Congress is the least trusted institution, with a 13% confidence rating.  TV news is ranked 11th; newspapers are tenth.  So they're even below Congress, which is saying something.  But then on the other side of this, the anecdotal side of it, do we really believe this?  Why does anybody care what the media says or does if they've lost this much influence, if they've lost this much respect, if they've lost this much believability. 

Jon Voight Defends Brad Pitt's Mom
RUSH: Jon Voight, the father of Angelina Jolie, has come out and defended Brad Pitt's mom.  Brad Pitt's mom lives in Springfield, Missouri, and somebody sent a letter to the editor or the newspaper to the Springfield, Missouri, paper criticizing Romney as an illegitimate Christian because he was a Mormon.  So Jane Pitt, Brad Pitt's mom, writes a letter excoriating Obama, and all hell has descended on this woman. 

Democrats on Twitter are demanding that she die or be killed.  They are calling her names like the B-word and the C-word and so forth.  All she did was send a letter to the editor of the local newspaper in Springfield, Missouri.  She's come out against gay marriage.  She has come out against Obama and Obamacare, pretty much everything Obama stands for.  And some of these tweets, for example: "The gay community made it possible for your son to be a star.  Die, you b-i-itch," was a sample tweet.  So Jon Voight has come out and said, "Good for her."  He added he agrees with the points of view that she expressed. 

Now, Brad Pitt, an avid supporter of Obama, didn't respond for further comment.  Jane Pitt declined further comment.  Brad Pitt's brother, Doug Pitt, defended his mother earlier this week.  They had him on the Today show.  He said, "I think moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world. So why would our family be any different? There can be healthy discussion when people disagree with you.  The bad thing is when it turns to venom and negativity, and we don't have any of that in our family. It's open discussion.  We can learn from each other, and, if anything, it solidifies your point."  That was Brad Pitt's brother, Doug, defending Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, as did Jon Voight.  We haven't heard from Angelina Jolie on this.  Haven't heard from Brad Pitt.  No, I take it back.  We have heard from Brad Pitt, not so much of his mother, but that he loves Obama.  Anyway, it's made somewhat big news. 

QE3 to Bail Out Obama?
RUSH: CNN is reporting that pressure from Wall Street on the Federal Reserve to bailout Obama with QE3. They want more quantitative easing to bail Obama out of this mess.

CNN Declares America is Sick of the ObamaTax Debate Because One Doctor Says So
RUSH: CNN found one doctor -- one doctor -- and they're reporting people are fed up about the health care debate. Because one doctor said so.


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