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Democrats Broke Up the Black Family


RUSH: We have another one: Amos Brown. Amos Brown, an NAACP board member, is criticizing Romney for "his references to the importance of family. 'For him to come here and lecture us about the family -- he doesn't need to be talking to Negros about that,' Brown said. 'Who tore up the family?'" Amos Brown said that, implying that Romney and the Republicans tore up the black family.


RUSH:  Yep, there it is, folks, right there, the Washington Examiner.  The DC Examiner and the headline of the story:  "NAACP Crowd Calls Romney Demeaning and Insulting." 

By the way, this is gonna be the last on this for a while.  We're gonna move on to other things.  I gotta tell you about Amos Brown of San Francisco. Amos Brown is a board member of the NAALCP.  Well, let me say he's a member of the board.  A board member could mean he's bored with the whole thing and I wouldn't blame him, but we'll call him a member of the board. 

NAACP, Amos Brown called Romney's address to the NAALCP an insult to them, including Romney's references to the importance of family.  So Romney goes in, treats 'em as adults, treats 'em as equals, talks to 'em about his policies, and they're insulted.  This guy, Amos Brown, said, "For him to come here and lecture us about the family -- he doesn't need to be talking to Negros about that. Who tore up the family?"  Well, we all know who tore up the black family. The American welfare state tore up the black family.  The American welfare state, as personified by the federal government, assumed the role of father and husband.  That's how the black family got torn up.  The Democrat Party did it, Mr. Brown, and you damn well know it. 

So here once again, Romney goes in, what's he supposed to tell 'em?  "You know what?  I'm gonna bring you 15% unemployment.  I'm gonna put even more of you on food stamps. I'm gonna give you more of what Obama's done," and they would have applauded him?  I'll tell you what, the more these people at the NAACP speak up and give us a chance to tell people what they said, 'cause the Drive-Bys are not gonna report this.  You're not gonna see this or hear audiotape. You're not gonna read this in mainstream media publications.  You're not gonna read about this Stoker babe and her comments. You're not gonna read about Amos Brown here.  But as long as they keep talking this is gonna end up being a bigger win-win for Romney. These people come off as just small, inconsequential, and really out of the mainstream. 



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