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"I think it can now be said, without equivocation -- without equivocation -- that this man hates this country. He is trying -- Barack Obama is trying -- to dismantle, brick by brick, the American dream."

"If corporations are not people, why did we bail out General Motors and Chrysler? Why did Obama care? They're just a bunch of cars, a bunch of evil cars that people shouldn't be driving."

"So when Sandusky goes to jail, the inmates sing the Pink Floyd song, 'Teacher, teacher, leave those kids alone.' Hillary goes to Egypt, and they start chanting 'Monica' at her. That's 17 years ago. They started chanting 'Monica, Monica" at Hillary Clinton, and then they threw tomatoes and shoes at her. I just love democracy when it breaks out all over the Middle East, don't you?"

"I wonder if Aaron Sorkin has ever heard of Fast and Furious. I wonder if Aaron Sorkin has ever heard of the story that Obama and Eric Holder did everything they could to get AK-47s into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels for the express purpose of ginning up anti-Second Amendment fervor among the American people."

"If the American dream is a giant mansion, Obama's going at it door by door and ripping it apart. And there are too many doors being torn apart in this mansion for this to be accidental or circumstantial or coincidental."

"If corporations aren't people, how the hell can the White House be people? How can Congress be people? It's a building, and a bunch of rotten stuff goes on in there."

"Conventional wisdom goes one way; I go the other. Kathryn and I are both that way. Whatever the pack's doing, we do the opposite."

"What Obama and Elizabeth Warren want you to believe is that government is the center of everything, that government starts everything. And government doesn't."

"If it weren't for Wall Street and big business, Barack Obama would not be president of the United States! If anybody had big business in his back pocket, in his front pocket, and who knows whatever other pocket, it was Barack Obama!"

"Liberalism and the Democrat Party are oriented around the fact that people cannot succeed on their own and will not succeed on their own."

"The EIB Network made HBO's show The Newsroom last night. Yeah, yeah, we made it. And I know why we made it. Sorkin puts me in there so that I'll play clips from the stupid show, and then promote the stupid show and so forth. I know how it works. That's what they all do."

"I would love to see Hillary Clinton reading 50 Shades of Grey, or I would love to see Molly Yard reading it. It'd just send 'em into orbit."

"Folks, if corporations are not people, then why are people blaming Romney for what happened at Bain Capital? Bain Capital's a corporation. Bain Capital, therefore, is not people. Romney is a people. He's a person. How can Romney be blamed if corporations are not people."

"I have become product placement. Essentially, ladies and gentlemen, I am the new product placement. Product placement is the stuff that movies stick on their sets like a bottle of Coke or an iPhone or whatever, for which the movie companies charge an exorbitant fee, product placement, except I, El Rushbo, am not being paid, even though I'm product placement, because fair usage."

"This is what we have as a president: A radical ideologue, a ruthless politician who despises the country and the way it was founded and the way in which it became great. He hates it."

"The Democrat Party is a party that grows as people suffer. It's a party that expands its power as more and more people have their lives ruined in the sense that they cannot provide for themselves."

"Nobody who counts for anything is upset over possible cuts in government spending. The people that count for something, the people that matter realize that has to happen."

"It's the Democrat Party that keeps people down. It's the Democrat Party that breaks up their families. It's the Democrat Party that has no faith in people to get by on their own. It's the Democrat Party, the American left, that writes policy -- and program after program -- designed on the assumption that people are incapable and incompetent."

"Who is it paying the lion's share of taxes in this country today? The top 1% are paying 70% of all taxes. Where is it that these nameless, faceless people are paying all this to make it possible for the rich to succeed. I've never understood the math. The rich got rich by stealing from the poor? It doesn't add up to me."

"I don't believe this. I'm sitting here in stunned bewilderment, and I guess I shouldn't be. I have this silly notion that our nation is going to progress each and every day, that we're gonna get better. I don't mean economically. I'm talking about sophistication, things that work in political campaigns. I guess I'm gonna have to lower my expectations."

"I think that this assertion that Romney's a felon is pathetic. I think it's empty. I think it's a sign of how little they have. I think they've run out of stuff."

"I sit here and I laugh. Romney, Mr. White Bread, Mr. Milquetoast. My God, if there's anybody clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, it's Mitt Romney. I laugh at the notion that these people make the country think that Mitt Romney is a felon?"

"What the left always does is go after their opponent's strength. There's another strategery that is 'go after your opponent's weakness.' But the left goes after the strength. What's Romney's strength? Romney's strength is, he's Mr. Steady, he's Mr. Backbone, he's Mr. Fix It, he's Mr. Morality, he's Mr. Character, he's Mr. Dignity. That's where they're headed. They chip away at that."

"Folks, the regime, Obama, doesn't care if Romney's a felon or not. This is about: 'How is it polling? Is this working?' It doesn't matter whether any of it's true. If they convince people it's true and if that helps 'em in the polls, then they're gonna keep at it. It's that simple."

"I think Obama literally hates this country and is trying to dismantle the American dream. His policies are doing a damn good job of it. He's turning more and more people out of work. He's ensuring that the whole notion of creating wealth is becoming more and more difficult because of things he is putting in people's way."


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