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Egyptians Yell, "Monica! Monica! Monica!" at Hillary

RUSH: So when Sandusky goes to jail, the inmates sing the Pink Floyd song, "Teacher, teacher, leave those kids alone."  Hillary goes to Egypt and they start chanting "Monica" at her.  That's 17 years ago.  They started chanting "Monica, Monica" at Hillary Clinton, and then they threw tomatoes and shoes at her.  I just love democracy when it breaks out all over the Middle East, don't you? 

Should They Tear Down the Paterno Statue at Penn State?

RUSH: Should they tear down the statue of Joe Paterno at Penn State?  That report came out from Louis Freeh, and the report made it sound like it was Paterno who was at the head of this investigation or that Paterno was the guy that was ultimately primarily responsible for Sandusky being permitted to continue.  So they're now asking, should they remove the Paterno statue at Penn State?