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Pearls of Wisdom

"Democrats can lie about our guy all day long and we accept it, but we can't even tell the truth about their guy! So somebody tell me how we're supposed to win the election."

"We've had extremist liberals say this kind of stuff on street corners and on the floor of the House of Representatives, but we've never had this kind of divisiveness from the White House."

"Okay, so the Democrats always have a war room, but we are not supposed to go to war. No, we're supposed to stay above the fray and surrender, essentially. We can't go to war because the press will not treat us fairly, so it doesn't make any sense to go to war."

"Obama is saying there's nothing special about successful people. It's such a different message. When I was growing up, you wanted to be one of those people. You wanted to emulate those people. You wanted to find out: What was it that made them successful?"

"I read all the tech blogs. It's my avocational interest, as you well know."

"Liberalism comes first and liberalism is basically a way that you can tell yourself you're a good person. It's also now a way you tell yourself you're cool. Liberalism is cool. Everything else isn't cool. And cool matters more than anything else."

"Sununu, in every one of his TV appearances, takes no prisoners. So I think Sununu has been appointed with the task of going out and performing the duties that I am suggesting need to happen."

"For you listeners in the media, Clinton made my program popular. Clinton being elected, that's what made this program launch."

"Is that what parents are supposed to tell kids today? When your kid does something good, are you now supposed to say, 'I'm not proud of you. You haven't done anything on your own. You didn't do this?'"

"Both the Washington Post and The Politico, two mainstream media sources, are carrying the breathtaking news that Obama's favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mint. I kid you not. Not just the Washington Post, but somehow two major news organizations have this scoop. But you can't find any news in either organization that he's gutted welfare reform."

"There is nothing 'unsolvable' about Romney's 'Bain problem' because there is no 'Bain problem.' There is only a lie that has been knocked down by every reputable fact-check organization and news outlet, as well as by the Democrats' own local paper: The Washington Post."

"Obama wants you to think that everything comes from government, that without government being involved somewhere, nobody would have amounted to smithereens."

"Obama has been given everything in life. He's had people that turned his C grades into A's. He's had people get him into schools. He got into the Law Review without ever having to write anything. He's had the way paved for him."

"When you go out and say, 'If you have a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen,' and that's part of a larger sound bite where you basically attack the credibility, the achievements, the accomplishments, the character of successful people? What else explains this other than a disdain for this country?"

"You know whose lifestyle has an exotic nature is Obama's. He can't pay for anything that he's doing. Well, he can't afford very much of what he's doing. If other people weren't paying for Obama, he wouldn't be able to live 80% of his lifestyle, if we weren't paying for it.

"The idea that the top 1% have all the wealth is another lie, and it derives from this ongoing argument about the gap between the rich and the poor and how much of the newly created wealth ends up with the 1% versus the rest."

"You know, business owners get their money last. Everybody else gets paid first. The employees get paid, then the bills that keep the business up and running, and then the materials necessary to build the product or to sell the product or the service or what have you."

"It's amazing the common-sense economics that is not understood, not taught, and how easy it is to demagogue. It's always been that way."

"My experience has been just the opposite of what we have seen in this Zuckerberg story. I have never... No, that's not accurate. I can't say 'never.' But mostly when people see me, they see a chance to charge even more. I don't see these deals. I don't see all of this funny manipulation and great opportunity stuff."


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