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Pearls of Wisdom

"Blaming guns for murder is like blaming forks for obesity. Someone misused a gun; therefore no one's allowed to have one. This is what passes for logic among the left."

"Before anybody could absorb the loss of those murdered in cold blood, before anybody could begin to grieve for those that we didn't even know, Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos on ABC have breathless breaking news that turned out to be as wrong as anything in media has ever been wrong."

"The left is filled with people who are politically ill, and their minds are poisoned, and they are demented."

"I must tell you, Snerdley's a little nervous today 'cause he thinks that I'm blaming movies for this Aurora thing.  And I'm not.  I got people out there attacking my Constitution and blaming it.  And I'm not gonna sit here on my sizeable tush and just sit here and take it."

"An intellectual deals with theories and ideas, but in the real world where your fingernails and hands get dirty, they haven't the slightest idea what to do."

"What Obama is saying about business is actually true about government.  The government has nothing on its own.  The government does nothing on its own.  It can't.  It has no money.  Everything the government does comes from us."

"There is no correlating service or product or good or anything that comes with the printing of or the borrowing of money at the government level."

"Private property is as important as the right to free speech."

"The founders, John Locke, believed that there could be no real liberty unless there is property that the government cannot take from you.  And Obama is trying to erase that.  Obama is trying to wipe that off the books."

"According to this Hill poll, the buck no longer stops with George W. Bush; it stops with President Kardashian."

"Obama now, as a campaign tactic, has to go out and try to poison the blue-collar white vote about Romney."

"Obama wants to socialize profit and wages.  The premise being that it wouldn'ta happened without government.  Government owns it all."

"I wonder how many players are now gonna try to transfer out of there since they've been told there's no point. You go to Penn State because there's always a bowl. You go to Penn State because it's a linebacker factory for the NFL.  You go to Penn State because it has a pedigree."

"Here we have a report from AP: 'US Poverty on Track to Reach Highest Level Since the 1960s.' They're gonna try to turn this into a plus for Obama, because, remember: All of this is Bush's fault."


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