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Pearls of Wisdom

"I don't bother with charts, folks, because you can't see 'em. And I'm not gonna take the time to zoom in and out with my little Dittocam remote control here. So I don't do charts. Charts are for television."

"Anything can happen between now and November. But if the election were held today it'd be a Romney landslide."

"Obama wouldn't know how to innovate a thumbtack, much less a computer network. Barack Obama is still using BlackBerry! Obama, Geithner, none of the people in his administration ever have drawn a paycheck in the private sector. They have not made a payroll. They don't have the slightest idea how the Internet happened."

"In context, it was clear that Obama holds a deep resentment for success and achievement. He's got chip on his shoulder about it, and he aims to do something about it."

"More people are signing up for disability than are getting jobs in America. I have not yet come to the belief that this is something that people want to do. I don't believe that a majority of these people want to live their lives this way. Obama and the Democrats are banking on the fact that people do."

"There's a tendency to want to believe that the bottom's dropping out. And I understand that. I mean, we're living in the middle of the bottom dropping out, and that's what we hope to stop and arrest. But no, if the election were today: Romney landslide."

"When the news is good for Obama it's just a 'Gallup poll.' When it's bad for Obama, they call it the 'USA Today/Gallup' poll. USA Today is in there when the news is bad for Obama."

"There's no taking Obama out of context. In context, Obama's mad. 'You didn't do anything on your own. Who do you think you are? You're no smart than anybody else!' There's a resentment for achievement. There is a resentment for success. It is a resentment for success and achievement that all intellectuals feel towards capitalism."

"I could even say that I might have been the first blogger. I was certainly the first to communicate with my audience off air -- as extensively and as personally and in as detailed fashion -- as I did on the air."

"People don't go into government to innovate in the private sector. They go there for entirely different reasons. That's what's so laughable about Algore coming along later and saying he invented the Internet. He didn't know what it was. They had no intention of it becoming what it became. They didn't intend for it not to, either.

"Innovation doesn't happen in government, not private sector innovation."

"Now, understand: Nobody would be out there writing things disparaging the government if it were not for Obama running around trying to lay claim to and credit for the Internet being a government creation. Folks, it's diabolical what he's doing."

"The Internet's origins were in fact DOD, Department of Defense. It's the one area of government Obama despises, the one area of government he genuinely wants to pare down, genuinely cut. The military is where government does things right, more often than not."

"There's no question these people in the media have a bias against the Tea Party. They want to do anything they can to discredit the Tea Party 'cause they don't understand you, and they're afraid of you. They know they don't control you. They know they can't mind control you. They can't bend and shape you to do what they want you to do."

"George Stephanopoulos is a political attack dog working as an anchorman at ABC News. But he's not a journalist. They just call him one."

"I refuse to believe that this country's finished in my lifetime. And I refuse to believe that this country is finished, with me doing this show. I just cannot accept that. I have to look at it exact opposite way."

"The American people built the Interstate Highway System, not the federal government. The federal government appropriated the money, but they got the money from the people via taxes to do it. This notion that the government has a pile of money that nobody else has ever had and they use it for all this benevolent stuff is a crock."


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