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Pearls of Wisdom

"You see all the smoke? That means it's a fabulous cigar. That's what that means."

"This isn't about roads and bridges. Obama and the Democrats are engaged in what I would call 'a determined philosophical takedown of the individual,' at the expense of the total empowerment of the state."

"Obama is pushing for the notion that there is no individual anywhere. There's no self-made success. There's no mention of individual success. Basically, nobody is anything other than a number, and that government makes it all possible. Folks, this is tyranny! The dehumanization of a society is tyranny." Thanks

"People don't want decay. They did not vote for decay. And that's why I refuse to believe, folks, that we've reached a point where a majority of people are not troubled by any of this administration's record."

"You know, we grew up in an age where we didn't lock the doors. We didn't have suspicion of the neighbors. There are still pockets of the country where people can live like that, but they're not very many."

"The USDA has been telling its employees via their newsletter to start participating in the so-called Meatless Mondays initiative. What a crock! Okay, from now on, folks, on Monday it's all beef, all the time. That's all you eat on Monday."

"When you try to cover up who you are, when you try to hide your genuineness, that's when you become phony."

"The left are turning successful people into suspects. They are trying to rob from people the fact that they worked hard to get where they are."

"There's no happiness in the Obama White House. There's no pursuit of happiness anywhere on the left."

"What Obama's saying is: There is no self-made man. The individual is nobody! There is no such thing. The state makes all this happen. The nameless, faceless state made up of all the nameless, faceless people."

"There is discrimination being practiced by Obama at the highest levels of government against people who succeed."

"I have all the answers. So my questions to myself are rhetorical."

"The claim that eating meat leads to global warming is absurd. It's patently ridiculous. It's an insult to common intelligence."

"There was Meatless Fridays during Lent. I thought it was Meatless Friday every Friday when I was growing up, but it had nothing to do with the environment. That was all religious."

"Obama is not trying to make people feel appreciated. Obama is not trying to say that you deserve more what you have."

"What Obama is pushing for is the notion that there is no individual anywhere. There's no self-made success. There's the mention individual success. Basically nobody is anything other than a number, and that government makes it all possible."

"There's always tomorrow when you're on a diet. There's always tomorrow."

"Let's turn this around. What if I were to say, 'All of you people that work in nursing homes, you are meaningless, you are worthless. What makes you feel so special?' That's what Obama's doing here to people in the business community. That's what he wants you to think about people who have been successful in business."

"How many welfare recipients have built roads? How many trial lawyers have built roads? How many judges have built roads? How many radio talk show hosts have built roads? You know what's getting lost in all the talk about building roads is who actually builds them."

"You don't see conservatives anywhere where cool is, do you? In fact, it's such that if a conservative is someplace where it's cool the conservative looks like a guy from Mars portrayed as something that really doesn't belong where cool is."

"I've seen drumsticks, and I've seen a penis, and, believe me: I know the difference -- particularly when I'm looking at 'em in an Astro van driving on I-95."

"The left has always had it in for the suburbs. The left believes that the suburbs is everything that's wrong with America."


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