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It's Jobless Claims Revision Thursday!
RUSH: Jobless numbers are out, folks. Do you care? Do you want to know what the jobless numbers are? It's Jobless Claims Revision Thursday. The government and their media minions are trumpeting a supposed 35,000 drop in new unemployment claims, but even the AP admits that this figure "may be distorted by seasonal factors." Now, in reality, the weekly claims figure is distorted by seasonal factors every week. It's probably due to the "campaign season" factor rather than any climate season.

The AP says "that applications fell to a seasonally adjusted 353,000. That's the biggest drop since February of 2011," but it was only such a big drop because last week's uptick was so much. AP says, "Unemployment benefit applications are a measure of the pace of layoffs." It doesn't really fundamentally change anything, and there's nothing (I don't think) that's gonna fundamentally change economics between now and Election Day. Of course people say that (snorts) and any number of things probably can happen.

But the economy is such a slow-moving thing.

That's another thing. It's been bad so long, it's another reason why some people think it's not enough, in and of itself, as a campaign issue for Romney to run on.

Romney Zings Brian Williams
RUSH: Romney was being interviewed by Brian Williams. I saw the video of it this morning, and he had one of the greatest subtle put-downs of Brian Williams. I'm trying to remember it while I was finishing my riff. It was something about Brian Williams. I'm not gonna be close here. Well, I may be close, but I don't remember it verbatim. But Brian Williams asked Romney...

They're in London. Romney's over there for the Olympics. By the way, Romney is telling people he's not sure they're ready there for the Olympics, and UK officials are not happy about this. They're responding back at Romney. Romney's got experience. He knows what being ready for the Olympics is and what it isn't. Anyway, Brian Williams asked Romney something that had (as one of its components) the mention of a bland, dull, boring individual, and Romney said, "Well, you already have a job."

Brian Williams had one of these forced smiles on his face, but you could tell he didn't appreciate the repartee. He didn't take it as good-natured humor, which I'm sure is the way Romney intended it. No, I don't remember it exactly. I shouldn't even have brought it up since I can't tell you specifically what it was. Oh, here it is. Williams "asked Romney, the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee, if it's true he's seeking an 'incredibly boring white guy' for a running mate."

And Romney replied, "You told me you were not available." And Brian Williams gets this smirk of on his face. It's a forced smile like the camera had cut to him. He knew he'd better smile, but there were daggers. There were daggers in his eyes. I thought, "What a subtle dig. I wonder how many people will notice this? I wonder how many people will pick up on it." "So is it true you're looking for an incredibly boring white guy?" "Well, yeah, but you're not available."

That's pretty good.

Americans Flee Public Schools
RUSH: Here is that New York Times story that I was referring to. It's in the Education Section. "Enrollment Falls in Big Public School Districts, Forcing Layoffs -- Enrollment in nearly half of the nation’s largest school districts has dropped steadily over the last five years, triggering school closings that have destabilized neighborhoods, caused layoffs of essential staff and concerns in many cities that the students who remain are some of the neediest and most difficult to educate."

Now, who are we talking about here? We're talking about inner cities. They're abandoning the public school system. Those who can are getting out, and there is a ripple effect. Administrators, teachers and so forth are losing their jobs. And the people that remain, according to the New York Times, are the worst of the worst. This is decay. This is decay all around us. People don't want decay. They did not vote for decay. And that's why I refuse to believe, folks, that we've reached a point where a majority of people are not troubled by any of this.

This is stuff that people are living.

They don't have to read about this in the New York Times.

ESPN Kills Mystique of NFL Training Camp
RUSH: I'm not sure I like this. I'm not sure this is a good idea. But I gotta guard against being an old fogey here at the same time. Well, for some reason I've had ESPN up here. Oh, I know why. It's because it was on for the British Open last week. Anyway, on ESPN, during the program today andeven before the program started, ESPN's been out at the first day of Denver Broncos training camp. They've been televising the first day of Broncos training camp, and they're focusing on Peyton Manning.

Most of it has been Peyton Manning standing around. He has taken a few snaps. He's going through three-step drops, five-step drops, handing the ball off. He didn't throw a lot, at least not on camera. They've been out there all day. They've had their two big-time analysts sitting off to the sideline telling us what's been going on. It's training camp! They're destroying the mystique of all this. They just finished an interview after the first practice, with a player, Eric Decker.

There's no mystique left.

Maybe it's just me.

I'm sure a lot of football fans are eating this up, sitting out there being able to watch Broncos training camp. And who knows where ESPN is gonna be tomorrow? Maybe they're gonna have cameras out there every day to chronicle Peyton Manning. But I don't know, folks. There's something about keeping it a little distance. The stage is the stage, and we don't get on the stage. The performers are on the stage, and they're taking us to the stage. We're getting to the point where the game is gonna end up being anti-climactic. And that's just me.

That's just my impression of media and coverage, the way it affects people.

I'm just sharing observations here off the top of my head.

Drummer Accused of Sex Act While Driving
RUSH: This is from the Orlando Sentinel: "A 36-year-old Jacksonville man is accused of performing a sex on himself while driving south on Interstate 95 near Ormond Beach." "Ronald Ayers was charged with indecent exposure on Wednesday. He denied performing the sex act, saying another driver who reported him to authorities misunderstood what he was doing while driving -- using drum sticks to hit his steering wheel." He's a drummer.

"Ayers told deputies that he is a drummer who commutes between Jacksonville to Daytona Beach and he frequently simulates playing the drums while driving by hitting his steering wheel with drum sticks. A woman from Flagler Beach called authorities at 8 am Wednesday and said a driver later identified as Ayers was performing a sex act on himself while driving a Chevrolet Astro Van." A question: If you were driving I-95 and you saw a guy who you thought was performing a sex act, would you call 911?

Would you call the authorities? You don't think you'd notice? Now, stop and think. This guy claims he's playing the drums. He's got his drumsticks on the steering wheel. She thinks she's watching a sex act. Snerdley, you're driving along I-95, next to a guy or a woman whatever, you think performing a sex act. Would you call 911? It would never occur to me. (interruption) Well, it doesn't say he was driving irrationally.

He was in an Astro van, a Chevrolet Astro van.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the General Motors news? General Motors is a mess. It's lost more money than what we paid to bail 'em out now. Classic. Classic. And you hate it. Nobody wants to see General Motors decay like this! Obama did not save 'em. Obama didn't save anything. He doesn't save anyone and he will not save anyone.

"The woman said she was driving alongside his van and she gave authorities his tag number and followed him until authorities pulled him over in Ormond Beach. When a Volusia County deputy approached his van, 'he spontaneously explained that he was hitting drum sticks against his steering wheel as he drove,' a report said. He invited the deputy to search the van. The deputy did and found two sets of wooden drum sticks between the two front seats.

"'The drum sticks were a natural wood color and closely resembled Ayers's own skin color,' a report said. The deputy re-interviewed the woman and asked if it was possible that she confused Ayers's drumming for a sex act. She was adamant that she had a clear view of his penis. She stated it was not possible that she mistook the drum sticks for his penis. She said she wanted to pursue criminal charges and completed a sworn written statement detailing what she said she saw."

I've seen drumsticks, and I've seen a penis, and, believe me: I know the difference -- particularly when I'm looking at 'em in an Astro van driving on I-95.




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