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"Did you watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday night? I did. Yeah, we did. We gathered at the big 16-foot screen. I figured, if I'm gonna be assaulted and insulted by a bunch of British collectivists, I may as well go all in. So I fired up the big screen, the 16 foot. I didn't want to look at the simple little five-foot screen. I fired up the big mama."

"I've never met Doomberg. I've been two holes behind him on the golf course, but I've never met this guy. But, folks, we're talking fetish here. If it has to do with the mouth, this guy is on it. Cigarettes, trans fats, salt, Big Gulps, and now baby formula?"

"When Kathryn's mom and dad are in town, I kind of dial back on the political commentary, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't help it when they started honoring the freaking National Health Service."

"Who would believe this? I found myself in the midst of a Twitter controversy, and I didn't even tweet anything, with the renowned rapper Ice-T."

"The working white voters that Obama has abandoned, and now whose votes they're trying to suppress, this is all about trying to make those people think that Romney is a wuss. That's why they're getting Clinton to go to the convention, get some gravitas and to also try to suppress the working white vote that is abandoning Obama."

"I've never called Romney, and I've never said 'jump.' Not yet. I haven't done that."

"The funny thing about Ice-T is he had a rap song called Cop Killer, remember? And I think that's really what he was doing on Nightline, and it's kind of ironic that he's on Law & Order SVU playing a cop, earning a living playing a cop."

"You know, the Olympic opening ceremonies, the Brits did a big deal honoring the National Health Service. Now, I'm wondering, do you think at the Democrat National Convention anybody will talk about Obamacare? It could go either way. I can see them not mentioning it at all."

"Most people care about themselves first, second, third, fourth, fifth all the way down to number 25. So that's why there's general fear of what will be said about them."

"It's clear what the regime is doing. It's clear what they want this country to be. It's clear who it is they want voting for them so that they have that expansionist mandate to continue the assault on the private sector."

"There's no such thing as a professional anymore, at least not highly trained and seasoned and experienced."

"Cigarettes, trans fats, salt, Big Gulps, and now baby formula? This is something the mayor of New York ought to be thinking about? And we have to listen to drivel that there's a Republican War on Women?"

"Most people are not like me, folks. Most people care about what's said about them in the media. The vast majority of people care what other people say about 'em. I had to learn a long time ago to not care. Most people do. And it dominates and governs how they operate and decisions that they make, pure and simple."

"When I moved to New York in 1989, believe me, I knew that if I were gonna succeed, it was gonna have to be real. I was gonna have to have a real audience. I couldn't have a buzz audience. I couldn't have an audience everybody talked about and talked about as being big. It was gonna have to be provable, and I wanted it to be."


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