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Rasmussen: Hope for Future Generations at All-Time Low, 55% Want Obamacare Repeal
RUSH: Rasmussen: "Hope for the future generation has reached an all-time low."  I mean, this is an accurate portrayal of this country with Obama running it.  "Just 14% of Americans expect today’s children to be better off than their parents. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 65% of American Adults do not expect today’s children to be better off than their parents. Twenty-one percent (21%) are not sure what to expect. The national survey of 1,000 Adults nationwide was conducted on July 22-23, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports." Margin of error, plus or minus three.  It's the lowest ever.  Sixty-five percent. 

That is an illustration of just how much liberalism has sucked the hope out of the American people.  And that's what they continue to do.  That's the only thing they've got to do in their campaign, is try to dispirit you, take away any hope that it can get any better. There isn't anybody that can it do any better than Obama.  Anybody that's gonna try is lying to you.  And, by the way, it's pretty damn good considering the way the rest of the world has it.  You better learn to like this.  Also, according to today's Rasmussen poll, 55% of voters want Obamacare repealed.  Only 39% do not.  So the opening Olympic cermonies didn't have much impact, 'cause that number isn't changing at all here.

Claire McCaskill in Trouble
RUSH:  A couple more Democrats have announced they're not going, and there are all kinds of stories today about how Claire McCaskill is losing -- she's the current Senator -- she's losing to any number of Republicans in preelection polls.  And Missouri, I don't think it's a swing state anymore.  I think it's pretty much abandoned, at least that's the point of this story.  Well, I know.  It's clear what the regime is doing.  It's clear what they want this country to be.  It's clear who it is they want voting for them so that they have that expansionist mandate to continue the assault on the private sector.

Chavez Endorses Obama, Walesa Endorses Romney
RUSH: Mitt Romney in Poland today, just picked up the endorsement of Lech Walesa.  Of course, Obama can outdo that.  Hugo Chavez endorsed Obama last week.  You hear that?  Hugo Chavez, a communist leader -- well, socialist leader in Venezuela.  Lech Walesa has endorsed Romney in Poland, said he hopes Romney is successful.  You know, I had to laugh.

White House Lied About Churchill Bust

RUSH: Last Thursday or Friday, the White House lied about the Winston Churchill bust.  I really couldn't believe this.  Everybody knows that one of the first things Obama did after he was immaculated was to take the Churchill bust and give it back to the British.  He did not want it there.  He didn't want it in there.  It led to a bunch of speculation as to why, and one of the most popular theories was, which is now, by the way, been debunked by none other than David Maraniss, and that's a funny story into itself.

But, anyway, David Maraniss has written a biography on Obama because Obama's biography has got a bunch of made-up stuff in it, so Maraniss writes another biography of Obama, this one to try to help him.  Instead what Maraniss has unwittingly done is point out to everybody how Obama made things up in his book, and now Maraniss is scratching his head all upset why people like me are highlighting his book to show how Obama didn't tell the truth, where Maraniss thought he was helping Obama straighten a bunch of stuff out.  Well, anyway, one of the theories when Obama gave that bust of Churchill back was that he was ticked off at the Brits because they had done something with his grandfather during the Mau Mau revolution. 

His grandfather in Kenya was supposedly imprisoned and was supposedly tortured by the Brits back in the colonial days, during the Mau Mau revolution, and Obama had it in for 'em.  And it turned out that's not true because Obama's grandfather was nowhere near the Mau Mau revolution, and the Brits never captured his grandfather, and they never held his grandfather prisoner, and they never tortured him.  Maraniss has uncovered that.  That's one of the things Obama made up in his book.  So that theory went out the window. 

So, anyway, when this whole Olympics thing came up with Romney going over there and being critical of the security setup and warning that there were some problems -- and, by the way, have you seen the empty seats at the Olympics?  I'm gonna tell you, I, El Rushbo -- I don't even know if I should tell you this.  I tried to get some ducats for the swimming and I was told by people as high up as you could go -- and this was six months ago -- "Sorry, Rush, they're gone. Nothing anybody can do.  I mean, not even your friends at NBC, nothing anybody can do."  I said, "Okay, I understand that." I turn it on and there's empty seats everywhere.  And it's not just at swimming; there's empty seats everywhere.  And now it's a scandal.  Nobody knows who those tickets went to.  So they're pulling military people in to sit in the empty seats, at the gymnastics, at the swimming, and a bunch of other venues. 

Anyway, the White House, Jay Carney, I think was, or Dan Pfeiffer, I forget, denied that Obama had tossed the Churchill bust out.  And everybody remembered that.  He got caught and then they had the... "Well, actually, you know what, there are two of those things, and the one that everybody's talking about is still there.  It's in the diplomatic reception room right there off the residence elevator."  That's not what we're talking about, clown.  It was in the Oval Office, and Obama did order it sent out of there, and in fact they found it, it was over in the British embassy.  That's where he sent it.  Now nobody knows why.  (interruption) Well, it was on loan, but the Brits didn't recall it.  The Brits offered Obama a chance to keep it.  And Obama rejected the offer and sent it back.  But it was already in the Oval Orifice.  It was a gift from Tony Blair to Bush because of our friendly alliance during the Gulf Wars and all that. 

So the Brits told Obama, "Hey, it's there if you want to keep it. We'd be more than happy." (Obama impression) "You come get it. You didn't build that. I don't want that. Take it outta here."  So they got it out of there and sent it back over to the British embassy.  Now nobody knows why.  Now nobody knows what Obama was ticked off about.  But they tried to lie on Friday at the White House and tell everybody it was still there.  It was one of the first things Obama did.  They said it never left the White House.  It's a crock. 


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