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"We are going to need all three hours today. We need three hours each and every day, but I mean, we are going to need all three today. We're loaded. As all kinds of stuff happening out there, and a lot of it looks like it's happening and going our way."

"If you're a racist movie director who tweets the incorrect home address of George Zimmerman, an action that results in death threats, you get to keep your Twitter account. If you are a journalist criticizing NBC's Olympics coverage and you tweet the public e-mail address of an NBC executive, Twitter kills your account."

"Milton Friedman's a rock star. Milton Friedman should be the Bible for young people, or anybody, trying to understand capitalism and free markets."

"You have to love this. On the day Newsweek comes out with a cover saying that Romney is a wimp, the White House is denying that Obama's whipped, that whatever the women in the White House tell him to do or not to do is what he does or doesn't do. And yet they say that Romney is the wimp."

"Oh, folks, they are so happy on the left today, they have discovered that Obama does have slave blood. They are actually eating meat, they're so happy. They are celebrating. They found slave blood in Obama's genealogical trace."

"You can't, in the Democrat Party, be an authentic black unless you have ancestral traces to the Deep South and slavery. 'Cause you're not down for the struggle otherwise."

"I'll tell you, if Obama were smart about now, he'd be finding some Jewish ancestors. Remember how Clinton did that? I mean, they live in a fake, make-believe world anyway. Why not go for the whole shebang here?"

"The left run around and they call all of us racists. They're obsessed with skin color. They're obsessed with the symbolism of it. They are obsessed with things that have nothing to do with who a person really is."

"Clarence Thomas has actual family members traceable to slavery. Do you think the media is gonna write a story about it? Do you think the media will do a story about Clarence Thomas being authentically black? No. They don't dare."

"I don't know where the time goes anymore. Here we are, already two hours down and only one to go, and I guarantee you, the next hour is gonna be as chock-full as enlightening, as illuminating, as energetic as the previous two hours have been, if not more so."

"The people on the left despise us as conservatives more than they despise anything in the world. They hate us. Beating us, humiliating us, destroying us, reputations, character, that's what animates them."

"The greatest casualty in American politics today is the truth, because of political correctness."

"Obama is leftism. If Obama loses, socialism will have lost, liberalism will have lost, and Obama will have lost."

"Look, folks, you know and I know that if Obama loses, the first thing they're gonna do is blame it on racism, and then the next they're gonna blame it on is racism, and then the third thing that they will blame Obama's defeat on is racism, and then the fourth thing they'll blame it on is racists."

"Okay, folks, the only way of looking at this, based on the news today, is Obama's white half is more authentically black than his black half, according to Ancestry.com Breathlessly reported by AP. Okay. Happy to have that settled."

"Now, can we get these researchers to look into Obama's college transcripts? Can we call upon Ancestry.com to see if they can find the transcripts at Occidental and Harvard and Columbia?"

"How many people in this country are saying, "You know what? We need to do what the Palestinians are doing to fix our problems." How many people are saying that? Nobody is saying that."

"Are you excited about the football season?  For the first time in my life I'm not.  I don't know why yet."


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