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NBC Fails to Recognize Evander Holyfield on London Street
RUSH:  I don't know if you know this or not.  Today show, NBC News is doing man-on-the-street interviews in London and they come across this big black guy, and they start asking him questions. He's a great guy. He's having a great time. He's a tourist in London and they didn't know that it was Evander Holyfield.  They didn't recognize that it was Evander Holyfield.  Gotta wonder who they're hiring at these networks. These executive producers, these little liberal busybodies behind the scenes. 

Folks, let me ask you a question.  Did you ever think when you were younger that you would someday be listening to a radio show where you learned more than in all the years prior to your discovery of that radio show?  I just asked that question of Rachel.  Rachel's in for Dawn this week.  Where is Dawn?  Oh, that's right.  Family reunion.  So Rachel's in here; she's the sub-transcriber.  And I just asked her how it felt to be learning more now on the other side of the glass than in all previous years of her life.  It's amazing.  It really is true.  I know.  They didn't recognize Evander Holyfield.

Unfortunate Headline: Republican Hopefuls Jockey to Fill Barney Frank's Seat
RUSH: A headline in the Boston Globe.  Snerdley listen to this.  I don't want any calls on this.  I just want you to hear this.  The headline in the Boston Globe:  "Republican Hopefuls Jockey to Fill Barney Frank's Seat."  That's an unfortunate headline.  How would you like to be one of the named Republicans in that story, jockeying to fill Barney Frank's seat? 

WH Denies Obama is Whipped
RUSH: You know, yesterday we talked about a new book by a guy named Richard Miniter.  This is the book that claims Obama called off the raid to get Osama Bin Laden three times at the urging of a woman, Valerie Jarrett.  A White House spokesman is now calling that a fabrication.  But you have to love this.  On the day Newsweek comes out with a cover saying that Romney is a wimp, the White House is denying that Obama's whipped, that whatever the women in the White House tell him to do or not to do is what he does or doesn't do.  And yet they say that Romney is the wimp.



PPP: Romney Up with Connecticut Independents

RUSH: Public Policy Polling, ladies and gentlemen.  Connecticut.  I'll never forget my first trip to Connecticut -- well, the first real social trip.  I mean I went to Connecticut to appear on a TV show in New Haven.  I didn't spend any time.  My first real trip to Connecticut was ten years ago.  I was there for three or four days and went out and socialized with natives, people that live there, Republicans, conservatives.  It was depressing as it could be.  I went to this house, guest of a husband and wife, and there were about ten people there.  And their worldview, they're Republicans, they're conservatives living in Connecticut, but all they know is what's in the New York Times.  And they listen to this show.  But all they know is what's in the New York Times and they're just depressed.  'Cause whatever's in the New York Times is the truth, as far as they were concerned. 

It was eye-opening and it was frustrating at the same time.  And I finally, you know, I patiently sat there, trying to be reassuring, and I tried to answer all of their fears and concerns.  After a while, I was getting the impression they weren't hearing me because they kept repeating the same complaints, the same whines over and over. This is a three-hour dinner.  And finally I said, "Would you stop reading the New York Times?  For crying out loud, you are poisoning yourselves."  But they were part of the Great Northeast, and the northeast is dominated by the left, of course, which makes this interesting. 

Public Policy Polling, a dyed-in-the-wool left-wing polling outfit out of North Carolina, at 11 o'clock Eastern time this morning, released results of a poll they've been working on in Connecticut.  Romney is up by seven with independents in Connecticut 47-40.  "You didn't build that. You didn't make that happen."  That is still resonating.  There are still people writing columns about it.  There are liberals attempting to justify it.  Now the charge is that if you think negatively of Obama you're a racist.  It's gotten under their skin like very little has.  That's a giant puddle that Obama stepped in.  Big time.  And it's still resonating.  If Romney is up seven with independents in Connecticut, Mr. President, just keep doing what you're doing.  And, Mr. Axelrod, just keep doing what you're doing. 

Now, Romney is up nationwide in the Rasmussen poll and a couple of others and independents by great number, but Connecticut?  So I'd say we need more Elizabeth Warren.  Let her beat her Marxist war drums. Wait.  Can I say that?  Uh, she is claiming to be an American Indian.  War drums, that could be racist.  I better dial that back.  But they're gonna let her speak at the convention.  She's gonna go out there.

Taranto: What Happens If Obama Loses
RUSH: Now, I mentioned at the top of the program, ladies and gentlemen, they're now beginning to admit that they're panicked on the left and in the media.  James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal, who does the blog Best of the Web Today, had a story yesterday entitled, " "The Last Hundred Days -- Obama supporters suffer a crisis of confidence."  His piece is basically about two guys, E. J. Dionne Jr. and a guy named Drew Westen.  And both of these guys have written stories, what happens if Obama loses, oh, no, what do we do, how do we spin that?  And the thrust of the story is that in both cases -- and if it's happening with these two guys, I guarantee you they are all talking about it amongst themselves. 

While they're not trying to set Romney up, and while they're not trying to sabotage Romney, 'cause it isn't working, when they get together, they're asking themselves, "What happens to liberalism if Obama loses?"  That's where they're panicking.  And they're beginning to consider the fact, the possibility that Obama could lose.  And it's becoming now a reality.  This was something they could not conceive of just a few short months ago.  Don't doubt me.  This has always been a slam dunk.  Remember, they live in a cocoon.  They live in their own prefabricated world, and reality doesn't get in.  They think Obama's got slave blood.  It's true.  Even their own story says the link can't be established, but it's close enough, and so they'll now believe Obama, "Okay, we got that out of the way. He's got slave blood. He's authentic." 

And Obama's still loved.  Obama's still The One.  Obama's still looked upon by the masses as The Messiah.  All of that magic in 2008, it's still there.  They lie to themselves, still there.  And we want them to lie to themselves.  We want them believing their own BS.  But there are moments, as in the case of each of us in all of our lives, there are moments when a freezing-cold shower descends upon you for even the briefest of moments and reality slaps you upside the head and you're forced to deal with it, and their reality is, "Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, he could lose, oh, gee," and then the panic sets in, "How do we explain it?"  And then, "And why?  Oh, no.  If he loses, why?"  They are now beginning to speak among themselves.  If Obama loses, it can't be because of liberalism.  It can't be because of leftist ideology.  It can't be because of socialism.  It can't be because of Marxism. 

So what they're gonna be forced to do if Obama loses is start writing stories explaining the defeat and dumping it all on Obama. Or, if they don't have the guts to go there, blame it on his campaign people for a shoddy, horribly run campaign. The reelection, it was in the bag, and these guys all screwed it up. Dump on the consultants. Dump on the pollsters. Dump even a little on Obama. But they're gonna do their level best to protect liberalism and socialism.  It's not that it just wasn't done right.  It's that it was sabotaged.  They will blame the messaging.  They will blame Republicans.  They will blame talk radio.  They'll blame a bunch of lies that the American people ended up believing.  They will not blame their ideology. 

In other words, they will not deal with the reality of why Obama lost, if he does.  Look, if he loses, it's because the American people don't want Obama, they don't want Obama policies, they don't want any more attacks on private sector economics, they don't want any of this.  If he loses, that's why.  But they can't write that.  E. J. Dionne Jr. is worried that such a loss creates a mandate for conservatism.  He has a bigger fear that it is a mandate for conservatism than it is a rebuke of liberalism.  It sounds convoluted, I know, but this is who they are.  Folks, the people on the left despise us as conservatives more than they despise anything in the world.  They hate us.  Beating us, humiliating us, destroying us, reputations, character, that's what animates them. 

You can take any threat this country faces, externally, internally, there's no greater threat to them than us, in their minds and in their hearts.  That's why it's so silly for members of our establishment to try to get along with them, or to find areas of compromise with them.  They don't like us.  There's nothing about us that they want to import, compromise with, nothing about what we believe that they want to help implement.  None of it.  There's no reason to try to get along with them.  The objective has to be continually defeating them.


RUSH: A couple of quotes.  I mentioned the two stories James Taranto found at Wall Street Journal, Best of the Web Today, E. J. Dionne Jr. and Drew Westen, these two guys are worried about Obama's loss.  And if these two guys are worried, there are a lot more who are, and it means that they're talking about it.  And they, I think for the first time in four years, are dealing with what for them is something truly shocking, that Obama could lose. And so in dealing with that, the number one concern is that liberalism not be blamed.  No, no, no, no.  It cannot be seen reported as an ideological failure.  It can't be that socialism screwed up the country.  It can't be that liberalism screwed up the country.  Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. 

So a pull quote from the Drew Westen piece.  Well, this is Taranto writing about it.  "Whether or not Westen's --" 2,450-word story titled "If Obama Loses the Election, Here's Why," "-- tale is plausible, he has a practical political reason for telling it. This may be The Most Important Election Ever, but it is not the end of history. If Obama loses, it will matter whether the loss is seen as an ideological repudiation. Westen aims to save leftism from Obama."  They're not gonna be able to do that.  I mean they're gonna try, of course, but Obama is leftism.  If Obama loses, socialism will have lost, liberalism will have lost, and Obama will have lost.  There are gonna be a whole bunch of things tied into this and rolled in together. 

E. J. Dionne Jr. fears a mandate for conservatism if Obama loses.  He fears that people, "Oh, my God, people are voting for conservatism." The same fear they had when the Republicans took control of the House in 1994.  The conservatives made that mistake, by the way, by assuming that that's what's it meant and they stopped teaching.  They assumed the country had overnight become conservative, which it had not.  It simply didn't like Democrats and the corruption and 40 years of monolithic control. 

"Where Westen fears a repudiation of left-liberalism, Dionne fears a mandate for conservatism. Either way, it is in the interest of the left to find a way to pin a prospective Obama loss on nonideological factors--either impersonal ones like 'economic discontent' or personal shortcomings of Obama's.  If Obama loses -- and even if he wins, unless the economy finally takes off in his second term -- the left will have to work to distance itself from his legacy, as Westen is already doing. No wonder Stephanie Cutter is so down in the dumps," writes James Taranto. 

Look, folks, you know and I know that if Obama loses, the first thing they're gonna do is blame it on racism, and then the next they're gonna blame it on is racism, and then the third thing that they will blame Obama's defeat on is racism, and then the fourth thing they'll blame it on is racists.  And the fifth thing they'll blame Obama's loss on is racism.  And then the sixth thing that they will cite as the reason for Obama's defeat is racists.  And the seventh thing they'll cite is that people were not swayed by the AP story that Obama had authentic slave blood.  Therefore, the people were racist.  You know it and I know it. 

Taranto writes, "The Obama campaign has been overconfident and complacent for sure. If you need a reminder, read the second item in our May 7 column and Mark Halperin's Time.com piece of the same day. If the Obama campaign has now come to terms with the reality that victory isn't 'in the bag' and adjusted its strategy and tactics accordingly, that can only be good for the president's prospects. But it's an odd thing to advertise. What, after all, is the emotional payoff of making a minuscule donation to a political campaign? Surely not the illusion that one is making the difference between victory and defeat, but rather the idea that one 'owns' a piece of a victory by virtue of having 'invested' in it." This is the three-dollar donations and how they're running around and trying to get as many people involved here and invested in Obama's victory as possible.

AT&T Comes Through on iPad Problem

RUSH: Late last week on this program, I shared with you, the multitudes in this audience, that I was frustrated. I had an iPad that was AT&T equipped and ready to receive LTE, the new 4G LTE, and that they had turned on LTE service here where we live.  And I had shared with people that no matter where I had taken my LTE iPad, my AT&T LTE iPad, that it wouldn't display LTE, would not receive the LTE signal.  New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, nowhere. 

So I finally got a hold of some higher-ups at AT&T and they were working on it, and I had a call last week from a guy, very nice guy, who had at one point in his life been an Apple tech, and he walked me through some suggestions.  And I said, "I've done all that. It doesn't make any difference."  He said, "Look, there's nothing AT&T can do for you.  I don't know why you're worried about it. They can't do anything for you.  This is an iPad problem."  I said, "Well, they're working on it, and we think it might be due to the fact that I transferred accounts from iPad 1 to an iPad 2," 'cause it was originally grandfathered. You could have an unlimited data plan.  I bought the unlimited data plan, they canceled that shortly after announcing it, but they grandfather, you can hold on to it.  I transferred that successfully from iPad 1 to iPad 2.  Then I transferred it from iPad 2 to the current generation iPad, and apparently it didn't take. 

Well, the short version of this is that AT&T sent somebody out here yesterday with a new SIM card, took the old SIM card out, put the new SIM card in, canceled the current account, went back and reestablished my account, according to the old information, let me do that, and it worked.  So AT&T did fix it.  And I don't say this to embarrass anybody, but I wanted to complete the circle because I'm getting some e-mails, "Whatever happened to your iPad?"

Not Fired Up for NFL Yet
RUSH: Are you excited about the football season?  For the first time in my life I'm not.  I don't know why yet.  I got an e-mail, quick little flash note this morning, "Boy, I bet you're all excited about the NFL kicking..." I had to stop and think, and said, "No, I'm not."  Now I've gotta stop and figure out why I'm not.  You ought to see Snerdley's face. (interruption) I'm not gonna rain on anybody's parade.  I don't rain on people's parades.  That's not what I do.  I make the parade.  What do you mean, rain on your parade?  The fact that I'm not fired up about it yet?  Well, talk to me in September when the real season gets here, and if I'm still not fired up, then we'll talk about it.  Right now, eh, big whoop. 

Obama Motors Signs Deal with British Soccer Club
RUSH: Folks, get this.  General Motors, Obama Motors signed -- ahem -- a sponsorship deal with Manchester United yesterday, the English soccer team owned by the Glazer family, by the way, which owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  They own Manchester United.  Obama Motors signed a sponsorship deal with an English soccer club "after rewording the terms negotiated with the popular English soccer club by the US automaker's ousted global marketing chief.  Under the seven-year jersey sponsorship deal starting in 2014-2015 for the Chevrolet brand, GM will pay $60 million to $70 million a year, said a person with knowledge of the contract who asked not to be identified. GM also will pay the club a $100 million activation fee, making the deal's total value worth as much as $600 million, the person said."

Now, I know people don't want to politicize sports, but, folks, isn't this outsourcing?  And, by the way, this article that I'm reading from, this is from the Reuters, which is unfazed by this, Reuters doesn't mention that Obama Motors announced back in May that it was not gonna advertise in the Super Bowl anymore.  They don't want to be associated with the violence of American football.  So Obama Motors pulls their money out of the Super Bowl.  Obama Motors pulled their money out of Facebook Mobile, claiming it wasn't working.  And now Obama Motors, General Motors, owned by the federal government, outsourcing $700 million to Manchester United.  Isn't Obama out talking about outsourcing?  Isn't he out there ripping Romney to shreds for outsourcing jobs?  And his own car company won't advertise in the US Super Bowl, but is going to sponsor Manchester United.  I just thought you should know. 


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