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HHS Mandate Day: Harkin Says Women Need Free Pills for Cramps... Male Synchronized Diving?... KC Tests Super-Fast Internet...

How Many Things Last 24 Years?

RUSH: It's hard to think of many things that last 24 years.  And, how many of those things that last 24 years actually improve in 24 years?  Single malt scotch does.  Certain vintages of wine improve.  Cigars, if kept properly, will age and improve in the process.  I mean, you can even say that women...

Callers Remember the Early Days of EIB

CALLER: I was painting my dining room back in 1988, and I was up on the ladder when I heard what you had to say coming out of the radio. I almost fell off the ladder.  I couldn't believe for the first time that I was actually hearing something that I believed in -- the good, honest reporting and analysis of what was going on in the world. 

Obama Donates to Himself

RUSH: His wife wore a $7,000 jacket to a meeting with Kate, the Duchess or whatever of Cambridge, the new wife over there.  She wore a $7,000 jacket.  Obama is giving himself $5,000... Folks, he even made a video of his donating to his campaign. 


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