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Pearls of Wisdom

"I'll tell you what's gonna happen on November 6th, Obama's gonna get Chick-fil-A'd himself."

"August 1st, 2012. It is our 24th anniversary here at the EIB Network, starting our 25th year today of talking about and celebrating the wonder of America. Also happening on August 1st, the Chick-fil-A Revolution. Supporting the right to voice your religious beliefs. That's what this is about. You have two Democrat mayors who essentially said, Christians aren't desired in our towns."

"We've been through thick and thin on this program. It's a golden age here at EIB and all of us here at the EIB Network have you to thank for that. It's all been made possible by you."

"August 1st, 1988, a sleeping giant known as the silent majority appeared to come to life outta nowhere. They had always been there: conservatives, constitutionalists, traditionalists, however you want to describe them. They were always there, but they never, ever saw their views reflected in major media."

"I never networked. I didn't hobnob with management people, or anybody else. I just wanted to be a guy on the radio. And when I moved to New York, I just wanted to be the most listened to guy, pure and simple."

"You don't know how odd it is to look at a bust of yourself. It's not like looking at a picture. It's life-like. It's huge."

"You know me. I love stereotypical, sexist humor. The more politically incorrect, the more I like it."

"We have a president who believes that our economy is a zero-sum game. He believes that if somebody gets a $10,000 raise, then somebody either got fired or had $10,000 taken away from them. He really does. He does not understand. I'm convinced of this."

"I was a Tenderfoot in the Boy Scouts for a year. You get that for signing up. If you're still a Tenderfoot after a year, you haven't done anything. I got the Gold Brick Award after the first campout for doing nothing. The gold brick for being the most worthless member of the troop on a campout. All I wanted was out of there."

"How many things last 24 years? Cars don't. A lot of relationships don't. It's hard to think of many things that last 24 years."

"To me, 1988 was yesterday some days, and then it seems like a century ago others days, and some days it seems like the first day, it seems like August 1st, 1988. It's different every day."

"There is no end of Limbaugh until I determine that there's going to an end. They've thrown everything they can; lies, it doesn't matter. And the reason it never matters is because of you. You don't believe them. You know how the left operates."

"We've always existed in a different universe or a different realm from the traditional media. It's all been made possible by you, the audience."

"EIB. Into our 24th year, ladies and gentlemen, saying what the left doesn't want you to hear. And we have become the real mainstream media since 1988."

"Every family has this mythical patriarchal figure that is larger than life. My grandfather really was larger than life. He was Mr. Perfection in the way he lived his life and was treated by people, the way he treated people."

"Maybe Dingy Harry's a felon. Maybe Dingy Harry, this grotesque little man, just committed a felony passing out, talking about information about someone's tax returns leaked to him about Romney's taxes, a Bain investor."

"I have such a belief that the majority of us do not want to make this Obama mistake again. The country is hanging in the balance. We all know we have to win this election or it's ball game."

"I think Romney's a better candidate than a lot of people think, and I think if he wins, he's gonna surprise people in doing things a little bit more conservative than some people think he's gonna do."


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