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$30K to Boost my LTE Signal?
RUSH: I got a note the top of the hour that reminded me of something that just happened this week.  As I told you, I got my iPad fixed, so it now receives the LTE signal, the new real genuine 4G from AT&T.  Verizon's had this area covered for a while, but AT&T just did it.  But at my fashionable oceanside estate, the LTE signal's very weak. 

So I asked some people submit bids on putting in a series of repeaters and boosters to see if it would be possible on the property to get the LTE signal stronger.  Get this.  One of the proposals is for $30,000.  Thirty thousand for 13 repeaters and boosters, two in my library 'cause the room's so big, one for at my desk and one for the rest of the room. 
"What do you mean, two?  Why do I need two?" 

"Well, ever since the iPhone 4S came out, it's a whole different thing boosting signals." 

I said, "Do you think I'm a blooming idiot?"  I'm not even talking about using an iPhone 4S here.  There's no LTE in it yet.  So 30 grand to put a series -- Brian, what would this normally cost, 800 bucks, maybe a thousand dollars to go out and get this done?  Even if there was just one room.  But I knew something was wrong when the guy wanted $3,000 just to put a booster at my desk because the booster in the library wouldn't be big enough to cover the desk area even though it's part of the room.  So, yeah, there's a whole business of people out there that their whole job is to separate people from their money.  You just have to be on the lookout for it. 


RUSH:  So I just checked on the Internet.  Verizon offers a repeater booster that's gonna be available in a couple of weeks.  It's not out yet.  It's called the Sleek 4G.  It's for Verizon, $150.  Hundred fifty bucks.  This guy wanted to charge me 30 grand.  He wanted lightning arresters, UPS's, 14 or 15 repeaters in the attic.  The equipment list was unbelievable. I knew the whole thing was bogus, but then when I saw I needed two boosters for the library and two for my media room, I said, "Wait just a minute." I don't know about you, folks.  Having my intelligence insulted is one of the things that... patience really evaporates.  I basically said to him what I just said to you.  I said you can take the order and put it where the sun doesn't shine.  This is absurd.  What kind of idiot do you think I am? 

More Astounding Unemployment News
RUSH:  More unemployment news.  This is just astounding.  The U-6 number, that's the 8.3% number, that's government category U-3.  The U-6 number that's never reported but always -- well, the media doesn't report it; it's always reported by the government -- consists of people who are looking for a job and can't find one and adds to that the number of people who've given up looking, after 99 weeks.  Their unemployment benefits have run out, essentially.  That number is the real unemployment number, and that number is between 15 and 17% nationwide, 15% if you count the number of people who've given up looking.  The only reason they're not counted on the unemployment rolls is 'cause they're not looking anymore.  How senseless is that? 

Bogus Battleground State Poll Samples
RUSH: If you go to the election battleground states, in Florida, the U-6 number, 17%.  In Ohio and Pennsylvania, the U-6 number is around 14%, actual percentage of people not working, whether they're looking for a job or not.  Now, those three states are considered toss-up battleground states, and we're supposed to believe that Obama's ahead in those states.  Oh, yeah.  The Quinnipiac poll.  CBS/New York Times/Quinnipiac.  Obama's way ahead in those states.  We can't refute the numbers simply because of the sample.  No, no, no.  We've got to accept it.  It's probably right.  That's what our polling experts are now telling us, folks, even though the Democrats are oversampled by 11% in that poll.  "Well, that doesn't really matter, Rush, when you get into the internals.  Doesn't really matter.  It's looking bad, all right, just really looking bad.  Romney's losing ground, losing approval." 

Actually, I printed this story out from a blog last night 'cause it so infuriated me.  I thought, you know, I'm not gonna share with the audience.  This thing it ticked me off like I can't believe.  I said, I'm not gonna tell you about it 'cause I don't want you getting ticked off 'cause I think it's bogus, and I just ended up telling you.  But in these three battleground states where the Quinnipiac New York Times says Obama's way ahead and Romney doesn't even have a chance anymore.  Well, not that he doesn't have a chance, but it's gonna be really hard to make up the ground.  Seventeen percent real unemployment in Pennsylvania and Romney doesn't have a chance.  What kind of idiots do they think we are?  I feel like the guy trying to sell me the LTE booster and repeater is doing polls now, or analyzing 'em. 

Have Takers Overtaken the Makers?
RUSH: I just got an e-mail from a friend, and the subject line of the e-mail: "Am I being paranoid?"  Here's the question.  "Could the increasing number of unemployed actually help Obama?"  Now, I know your first reaction, "How does that compute, Rush, how does the increasing number of unemployed help Obama?"  Well, if you're out of work, you might start thinking, "You know what, I'm gonna need government handouts.  If there aren't any jobs, I'm gonna need government handouts."  Who's the guy passing them out now?  Obama.  So I throw that out there as a think piece.  Because doesn't that boil it down to the question we're all asking: how many people have been converted to permanent takers, and how many people aren't? 

The 18-year-old guy called, "Rush, there's always going to be hardworking people." 

Yeah, but how many?  How many?  The question is born of paranoia, but in this case is the paranoia worth thinking about?  Take your typical out-of-work guy, knows there's not gonna be anything done on jobs immediately -- and even if Romney wins -- although I have to tell you, I'm gonna make a prediction. If Romney wins this thing, you are going to see an uptick in economic activity, small business activity, stock market, people's attitudes.  I think it will be profound and immediate, just the attitudinal shift that will take place if Romney wins.  I really do. 




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