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Pearls of Wisdom

"This notion that football is killing its players and can't be fixed is political, and this is where I am light years ahead. I'm glad that I lived the bulk of my life when football was what it was. It was great while it lasted."

"The target is always freedom when we're talking about liberals."

"Here's a question for Dingy Harry. As majority leader he is paid $193,000 a year. How did he get to be worth $10 million?"

"The media's no different than they've always been. In terms of how they think, they've always been liberal. But now they're active participants for the Democrat Party agenda."

"The left politicizes everything. And in everything they do, there's a political objective or there's a political motivation."

"Liberals are trying to take the risk out of life, all risk. They are seeking perfection; they are seeking utopia. Why do you think you have this idiot mayor in New York saying, 'Don't eat trans fats or salt'? It's all oriented under this false premise that if we do it right, nobody will ever get sick. If we do it right, we might get to the point nobody will die!"

"Why football, folks? Why is nobody wanting to ban hockey or UFC or boxing because of concussions or anything else, why? Why only football?"

"See, we've gotten to point, football needs to be fixed. That's when it's over. Football needs to be fixed."

"Look, folks, very simply, the football stuff, the NFL ban, all that, I just cherish freedom. I cherish liberty. It's under assault. That's what's under assault."

"What reason is there is for government to get bigger if not to police things, including thought? Fix things, police things, administer things, regulate things, all of that, you might not want to call it an assault, but it's all aimed at freedom, pure and simple."

"These jobs numbers represent real people. Real people and their lives. This is not a game. It's all reported on and talked about and analyzed -- in American politics, particularly Washington -- as a game."

"Capitalism has almost been criminalized now by our popular culture, by the establishment culture. Capitalism propels the Democrat Party, and yet it's been criminalized when it's committed by others."

"That's the problem with crony capitalists. Government gives them the ladder and they climb up the ladder. After they got to the top, they take the ladder away. Nobody else can get on it and climb."

"Everything the left does is motivated by their desire for political victory, whether it's this football stuff, whether it's Chick-fil-A, whether it's the mayor telling you you can't eat trans fat, it's all politics."


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