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Wait to Hear from Brian Ross on Wisconsin Shooter
RUSH:  I don't care.  I don't care what they say about the guy in Wisconsin, the Sikh massacre guy, I don't care what they say.  I haven't heard from Brian Ross on it yet. Until Brian Ross weighs in, we're not gonna know how to label this guy.  I mean, the Southern Poverty Law Center's out there saying white supremacist, A, predictable, but until Brian Ross does his research to find out if the guy's a member of the Tea Party, we're not gonna prejudge this.  You gotta be very careful here, folks.  Don't jump head first into this.  It's only been, what, 24 hours, and until ABC, Stephanopoulos, Brian Ross tell us about this, nobody's gonna really know.

Lochte Asked and Answers
RUSH: You know what else we learned over the weekend about the Olympics? Ryan Lochte, member of our male swim team, pees in the pool. And do you know how we know this? Because a reporter asked him. I was telling this to some people of mature, advanced age. They weren't watching the Olympics. They didn't know it. I said, "Yeah, do you know Ryan Lochte said that he leaks in the pool?"

"What does that mean?"

I said, "He pees in the pool."

"Oh, my gosh! Well, why did he say that?"

I said, "Because he was asked by a member of the media! Anybody can get a media credential these days."

So Lochte is up in the press conference and gets asked, "By the way, have you ever leaked in the pool?" And Lochte answered it! Instead of deflecting and saying, "Look, we're here to compete." He said, "Oh, yeah, everybody does! But not during competition. Only during warm ups or in the warm-up pool, but never during competition." Oh, well, that's okay then. Everybody does it. He was asked, and then he answered. It's a whole different culture out there, folks. This is the same controversy as NBC running the monkey gymnastics thing that was supposedly -- supposedly -- ill-timed.

Howard Fineman: Brits Show Us How to Lose Power Gracefully
RUSH: Hey, folks, listen to this Tweet from Howard Fineman.  We ought to talk about this tomorrow.  Howard Fineman now at the Huffing and Puffington Post, MSNBC.com, used to be at Newsweek.  It's about the Olympics, Britain.  "The Brits long ago lost their empire, but overall they show us how to lose global power gracefully."  We're losing global power gracefully.  It's a good thing, and the Brits can show us how.  Howard Fineman.  I don't know why I'm surprised.



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