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Wayne Allyn Root on Obama at Columbia... Trump on Obama School Records... Boston Globe Digs Up Young Mitt's Report Card... Unofficial Condom Scandal at Olympics... We Need a Good Olympic Enemy Again...

Caller: Obama Attacks Drive Me to Mitt

CALLER:  Romney was not my first choice.  Honestly, he wasn't my fifth, but I gotta tell you, this administration and the way they're campaigning has been able to do what the GOP establishment hasn't.  These ads and these ridiculous insulting things that you hear about Romney have reminded me that we have got to get Obama out of there.

Media Tries to Bring Reid's Lie to Life

RUSH: This Andrew Ross Sorkin guy has heard that Romney has a hundred million in his IRA, and that's why they want Romney's tax returns is to see that. Because they believe that if they highlight that Romney has a hundred million dollars in his IRA people will resent Romney, 'cause nobody has a hundred million dollars in their IRA. 


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