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Pearls of Wisdom

"Mitt Romney paid three-and-a-half million dollars in taxes last year. Mitt Romney paid $4.7 million in taxes in 2010. So if you add that up, you get $8.2 million in taxes Romney has paid in the past two years. Is that what the Democrats call not paying your taxes?"

"I'll bet you more than half the people of this country think that what Robin Hood did was steal from the rich and give it to Lady Marian so that she would put out. If you watched the TV show, that's what you probably thought."

"The Anna Wintours of the world, the Sarah Jessica Parkers. They're absolute, blooming idiots. They are applauding their own demise. They are applauding the guy that's going to end it for them, but they don't think so, don't understand it."

"Mitt Romney murdering a guy's wife. That's the latest Obama ad. It's been tested among Democrat focus groups to work like a charm. Mitt Romney, Republican presidential nominee, wants guys' wives to die."

"Mitt Romney is not just a felon now, he's a murderer! We have a campaign message here that's basically: 'Republicans commit murder, poison the water, poison the air, and starve kids!' The Democrats have been doing this stuff for as long as I'm alive so it must work."

"How would have Obama helped this unemployed guy, Mr. Soptic, who didn't have insurance after Bain closed his company when Romney was no longer there? He would have been fined! Under Obamacare, Mr. Soptic here would be fined for not having health insurance."

"As a superpower in the world of Obama, we went around and we stole everything from everybody. And he subjugated people, and we enforced freedom on 'em."

"Rush Limbaugh, speaking truth to power until the staff gets scared here on the EIB Network."

"You know where I make my mistake? And that is not very many mistakes, so when I say where I make my mistake, I'm an idiot. I foolishly, blindly, stupidly, dummkopfedly assume that everybody wants to provide for themselves. How silly."

"I hope there's still more than half that look at life as a triumph of rugged individualism and self-reliance and not selfishness. It's a big difference. Self-reliance and selfishness are two separate things. You know, self-interest is a great thing. It's not selfishness."

"So yesterday, folks, I warned you on this NFL stuff and the coming ban, that the left will politicize anything (concussions), and people were pooh-poohing me. They just politicized a heretofore anonymous woman's death for their own advantage and put it in an ad for Obama. They have politicized a woman's death. You tell me they don't?"


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