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Driving While Fat: Obese Drivers Get in More Accidents... Obama: I'm Not the President of Black America.... D'Souza on Obama...  Still Not Jazzed for NFL... Democrats Need More Dependency... Papa John's CEO: Obamacare Raises Price of Pie... NBA Fundraiser for Obama...

Obama's Dirty Campaigning Works?

RUSH: Here's Obama.  He's running as a reformer, as a unifier, as The Messiah, demanding new civility, get rid of the old politics of the past, get rid of all this partisanship.  His campaign is nothing but the worst of the worst.  We shouldn't need the media to point that out.  It ought to be obvious.  And yet it works.  It's frustrating to admit it, frustrating to know it, but it works.

We're Mad as Hell, Why Isn't the GOP?

RUSH: We've never, ever, had a greater opportunity to teach the American people who the Democrats of today are, who the liberals of today are, what they're doing.  The damage that they are wreaking on this country, we have never, ever, had a greater opportunity, and I'm sorry, Republican Party, it's not enough to do it every day on talk radio.  You're going to have to do it as a part of your campaigning to win elections. 


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