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Pearls of Wisdom

"The purpose of the ad is not really to say that people died when Mitt Romney got into their lives. The purpose of the ad is to make Mitt Romney look like an absolutely reprehensible, horrible human being."

"We've got the truth on our side, and that's Obama's economic record. We've got the truth. All we have to do is be unafraid to say it."

"The left is unified in a singular objective and that's beating us. Forever and always, every day. We are their number one enemy."

"I ask myself daily if the Republican establishment really understands what we're up against here. And I ask myself every day: Do they understand this is not just the usual politics of the day? And some days I answer that in a way I like and other days I'm not convinced that they do."

"If they're going to run an ad saying Romney killed someone's wife, why wouldn't Ann Romney go out and kill horses that lose races? What's to stop them? That's all they've got, folks. It's all they've got."

"What the left cares about is what people think of Romney. And that's what they're attempting to do is create a caricature of Mitt Romney as a rich, insensitive guy who doesn't care about what happens to anybody but himself."

"A new ad running here in South Florida depicts Allen West, an African-American Republican, in a boxing ring wearing red boxing gloves. So they've got Allen West beating up an old woman, stealing money from a middle class family, and whacking a young woman. It's sort of like the Paul Ryan ad shoving a grandmother in a wheelchair over a cliff. This is all they've got, folks."

"Barack Obama is a job killer, and every bit of that is true."

"They have an incompetent, contemptuous disaster of a president they've got to get reelected. And they care as much about staying in power themselves as they do about keeping Obama in the White House."

"Did you know that there was a vibrator permit that you could get in New York City? Well, apparently there is. Are they giving away vibrators at the Olympics? They're giving away condoms left and right."

"What do you do with somebody who blatantly lies? What do you do? What did you do in high school when somebody blatantly lied? What do you do when your boss blatantly lies? I got fired once for calling a guy on it. I worked for a congenital, pathological liar. And I didn't have any other problem with the guy. I just couldn't deal with it. I couldn't deal with the braggadocios, lying stories."

"If I knew how to do this kind of stuff, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. I wouldn't have time. Everybody who's being lied about in America would be paying me to fix it for them."

"You want to start talking about killing jobs? There's nobody in Barack Obama's league! Mitt Romney saves jobs. Mitt Romney and Bain Capital saved jobs."

"Bain Capital saved 150 companies from bankruptcy. And there were people that worked at these 150 companies. And they didn't go into bankruptcy. That means the jobs there were saved. But, yeah. You can't assume that everybody would support their wife when she had cancer. John Edwards didn't. Well, you tell me where I'm wrong. You tell me where I'm wrong."

"Nobody benefits from driving companies into bankruptcy except maybe unions and the Democrat Party. Certainly not Mitt Romney. Certainly not Bain Capital."

"The best piece of advice I ever got really came inadvertently and accidentally. A guy just said: 'You know what? Laugh at it. Just laugh. That will drive them crazy. Just laugh at it and make jokes about it.' So, for the most part, that works."

"So tonight the NFL preseason really kicks off -- they've got the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Philadelphia Eagles -- and I really don't care. I don't care to know if it's on TV, or whether I can watch it or not."


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