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Mars Conspiracy Theories Abound
RUSH: "The ancient Martian crater where the Curiosity rover landed looks," according to the AP, here, folks, "strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert in California with its looming mountains and hanging haze, scientists say."  It "looks strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert..."  What if it is?  "'The first impression that you get is how Earth-like this seems looking at that landscape,' chief scientist John Grotzinger of the California Institute of Technology said Wednesday." Oh, no, no, just kidding.  "Strikingly similar." 

You're going to have conspiracy theorists popping up: "Well, yeah, Rush! Everyone knows the moon thing was fake."  Yeah? Well, where is the fake moon studio? Where was it?  Romney's office! Bain Capital financed the whole thing.  You didn't know that?  Bain Capital financed the fake moon landing, all of them.

Doomberg Shuts Down NYC Vibrator Giveaway
RUSH:  The vibrator and dildo crowd is not happy in New York City.  They had a vibrator giveaway.  You know they're giving away vibrators in New York City, and it attracted long lines? There are a lot of people that wanted a vibrator, but it "came to an abrupt end when the city told the promoters to pack it up. The Trojan condom company set up 'Pleasure Carts' on Wednesday in two Manhattan neighborhoods, and were set to give away 10,000 vibrating sex toys. ... One of those on line, Melody Henry, grumbled that Mayor Michael Bloomberg 'doesn’t want anyone to have fun. You can’t have a giant soda. You can’t have a vibrator.'"

What the hell is this city for anymore?  No, I'm not making this up.  "A vibrator giveaway that attracted long lines in New York City came to an abrupt end when the city told the promoters to pack it up.  The Trojan condom company set up 'Pleasure Carts' on Wednesday in two Manhattan neighborhoods, and were set to give away 10,000 vibrating sex toys. Nearly 300 people had lined up at each of the hot dog-style carts." That's what it says here, and it makes sense.  They're made to look like the hot dog vendors, except they were giving away vibrators. 

Now, "According to the New York Post, the giveaway was interrupted when a city representative told the promoters to shut down because of crowds."  They weren't upset that they were giving away vibrators. It was that three hundred people together at the cart, that was too much.  And there was a woman in line who desperately wanted a vibrator.  Her name was Melody, and "grumbled that Mayor Michael Bloomberg 'doesn't want anyone to have fun.

"'You can't have a giant soda. You can't have a vibrator.'" What is this city for? And you can't have a smoke after the vibrator, either. "The city says the promotional event could resume at a later date with proper permits." Did you know that there was a vibrator permit that you could get in New York City?  Well, apparently. Apparently there is.  Are they giving away vibrators at the Olympics?  They're giving away condoms left and right. 

Dem Ad Depicts Allen West Beating Up Women, Stealing Money
RUSH: A new ad running here in South Florida depicts Allen West, an African-American Republican, in a boxing ring wearing red boxing gloves.  "The cartoon-like video then shows West punching an old woman, a young lady and seemingly a family with children.  He also steals cash from the hands of the family and pockets it, all while laughing ... And the audio matches the video. The female announcer says in condescending tone as sound effects play in the background: 'West has socked it to seniors.' 'He's whacked women with his votes.' 'He's mauled middle class families.'"

Allen West: Tax cuts for the rich. 

So they've got Allen West beating up an old woman, stealing money from a middle class family, and whacking a young woman.  It's sort of like the Paul Ryan ad shoving a grandmother in a wheelchair over a cliff.  This is all they've got, folks. 

Obama Complains About Super PACs
RUSH: Obama, in a speech, in Pueblo, Colorado, said, "And over the next three months you will see more negative ads, more money spent than you've ever seen in your life.  I mean, these Super PACs, these guys are writing $10 million checks.  They're giving them to Mr. Romney's supporters. 

And basically they have just all the same argument.  "They all say the same thing.  They say, 'The economy is bad and it's Obama's fault.'"  So this is what they're doing. Obama's out there now complaining about Romney's Super PAC, while his own Super PAC is calling Romney a murderer.  So, of course, the question then arises: Is it working?  Grab audio sound bite 16.  There is this ongoing theory that it's working. 

I myself, El Rushbo, I fear, have contributed to the mindset that it works, because I have said so in various analytical ways all week long, starting out on Monday.  And I have noted the number of people writing pieces now on blogs. "Oh, yeah, this is all working. It works very well. It's still working.  What do we do to stop it? It's all working."

NFL Preseason: Who Cares?
RUSH: So tonight the NFL preseason really kicks off -- they've got the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Philadelphia Eagles -- and I really don't care.  I don't care to know if it's on TV, or whether I can watch it or not.