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RUSH: The Steelers lost last night?  Is that right?  B! F! D!  Are you telling me the Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Philadelphia Eagles? BFD.  No, I must admit.  I don't know why I was tired, but I went to bed at 10:00.  I was exhausted.  I told Kathryn, "I'm going to bed," and she said, "Are you sick? Don't die!"  "No, what are you talking about?"  "You never go to bed this early." I don't go to bed before 1:30 or 2:00.  I said, "No, I'm just wiped out.  I'm just exhausted.  I don't know that I've got any more energy to save the country than what I've been putting into it." 

So this may be one of the reasons. At about 9:00 I remembered that there were football games on.  I turned on which networks are carrying which games.  I found that ESPN had the Chargers and the Packers. But this game, if you missed the first series or two, you missed the starters.  You're watching people who aren't even going to make the teams.  Big whoop.  The Chargers-Packers game had the first female ref, but I didn't hang around long enough to see if that mattered. 

Linda Chavez Doesn't Like Women's Boxing
RUSH: You know Linda Chavez, right?  Linda Chavez, syndicated columnist in the New York Post. She's really upset that female boxing is an event at the Olympics.  She doesn't understand it, and it's right along the lines of people banning football.  It's too dangerous.  It's bad enough that men do this, but men can be excused.  They've got testosterone.  They're naturally aggressive.  But to turn women into boxers and have them fight?

She says there's only one reason they get into a boxing match that's to hurt somebody.  At least in football you're trying to score touchdowns.  But in boxing you're trying to hurt somebody and not get hurt.  It's brutal.  It's not something we need our women to do.  And then she launches into female combat.  We don't need women in combat.  She recounts an experience. She fell and hit the back of her head on the floor. She didn't think anything was wrong, but is now having shrinkage in one of the lobes. 

She takes that experience and says: I don't know what's happening.  It's not good, and I just had an accident.  Now we're putting these women out there in the Olympics (and she doesn't like it).  I'll share it with you as the program unfolds. "There are other reasons to oppose boxing for women. Many [feminazis]..." She didn't write "feminazi."  I see the word "feminist" as feminazi.  "Many feminists see the decision to include women's boxing in the Olympics as a step forward in recognizing equality. These same [feminazis] want to see women in military combat.

"Their ultimate goal is ignoring any differences between men and women, even when those differences are biologically rooted." She says, "No society has ever existed in which women were the warriors. Males are larger, more powerful..." Maybe they used to be, but that's not true anymore.  Physically it's true, but men are cowed.  Men are totally whipped now!  Who are the warriors in our culture?  Who is running the schools? Who is doing all this?  Who is dictating welfare reform, blowing it up? 

Anyway, that's a side issue. 

Let me continue with what she says here: "Males are larger, more powerful and driven by testosterone to be more aggressive than females. Women are life givers -- not life takers." Here we go from boxing to football to military to taking life.  "Yes, there are exceptions. Women do commit murder -- though they are far less likely to engage in random or stranger killing than men," meaning women only kill the men they know (and, of course, they have a reason). The female "murder rate is 10% that of males. 

"I'm sure that there are some women who could do well on the battlefield." She's writing this about our gold medal winner, Claressa Shields.  She writes, "And no doubt [Claressa] Shields could defeat many bigger men in the ring. But is more violence and aggressiveness something we really want to encourage in our species? Is there no evolutionary advantage in having half the population play a gentler, more nurturing role that tempers the aggressive tendencies of the other half of our species? 

"Whatever glory [Claressa] Shields and other boxers earn in the ring will be paid for by future generations of women -- and men -- who are hurt by following their example. Instead of welcoming women into boxing competition, the Olympic Committee would serve society better by eliminating the sport altogether." So you see, ladies and gentlemen, it's now universal.  It's now universal. ... Linda Chavez wants to take us back to the evil 1950s just like Romney. (chuckling)

PGA on TNT: Where's the Golf? 

RUSH:  See, this is one of the things wrong with television.  Right here.  What time is it?  Six minutes after 1:00.  At 1:00 I tuned into TNT to watch the PGA Championship, right?  They haven't even started. It's six minutes into it, and I haven't seen any of the tournament.  We have Tiger on the range shuffling some balls around on the ground.  A couple of swings.  They got some highlight reel stuff.  And now they're on the beach. 

Oh! Now they've got the crowd in the stands.  That's what I tune in to watch: The crowd in the stands.  Now, a boat out on the ocean.  That's exactly what I want to see! That's right.  And, yeah, there's the surf coming in on the beach.  We're at almost seven minutes after start.  There's some people on the beach.  I thought I'd tuned into a golf tournament, and I still haven't seen any of it.  I haven't even seen a scoreboard yet. 

Obama Thinks It's Pawlenty Now?

RUSH: Yeah, didn't Obama say earlier this week that he thought Romney would pick Petraeus?  And now The Atlantic is saying that the Obama campaign's convinced that Romney is going to pick Pawlenty.  It was either late last week or early this week that it was going to be Petraeus.  Now it's going to be Pawlenty.

There are other people saying, "It'd better not be Paul Ryan! You'd better not pick Paul Ryan!" Republicans are saying, "You'd better not pick Paul Ryan." You know why?  The budget.  They think Paul Ryan is an instant target on Medicare because Ryan is one of the few politicians in Washington to ever propose something to actually fix the problem.  And one of the biggest problems is a spending problem in the budget, and he has proposed a serious budget that has some stuff in there about Medicare.

The Republicans are convinced that Obama will win if they put Paul Ryan on the ticket because he becomes a Medicare bull's-eye.  So Pawlenty, Petraeus, Ryan. What other names have been thrown out there?  Rubio.  Bob Portman, right, in Ohio?  There's one name that isn't thrown around anymore: Bobby Jindal.  All these names get tossed around, but Jindal's name hasn't been.  Not recently.  Not in the daily roster.  He used to be in the daily roster.  He's out of it now.


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