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"This is why I'm a little jazzed by this. There is a conservative on the ticket -- a proud, bold, unashamed, unapologetic conservative. And not just a 'fiscal' conservative, a small-government conservative. Not all fiscal conservatives equal small-government conservatives. This guy is a small-government conservative."

"I don't remember a vice presidential pick that has so energized a campaign as this choice of Paul Ryan."

"Have you noticed that, in three days, we already know more about Paul Ryan's life than we've learned about Obama's and Biden's in more than four years? And Ryan hasn't even written two biographies!"

"Ryan doesn't cut Medicare; he saves it. It's Obama who's destroying Medicare, who's cut $700 billion from Medicare, not Ryan! We have a guy who knows the truth here."

"We don't have to tell people what will happen if Obama is elected. All we have to do is point out what has happened. But you need the right guy to be able to explain it. Paul Ryan is the guy."

"I don't know how much you paid attention over the weekend, but the presence of Paul Ryan on a stage with Romney has elevated Romney. It has energized Romney. Romney's a new guy. Romney is a different guy."

"I watched 60 Minutes last night, Ryan chomping at the bit to answer every question. Ryan wanted in 'cause he's got the answer. He had the answer for everything Bob Schieffer threw. He's got the answer for every objection the Obama team is going to make."

"Ryan is an ideological conservative. He is from the camp-of-Ronaldus Magnus."

"If Barack Obama gets four more years, I really don't think that the American people have any idea what's in store for them."

"I do believe -- and I may be a Pollyanna, and my time may be past, but I still believe -- that a clear majority of people who live in this country want this country to be what it was as founded. They want it to be made up of those first principles."

"We are where we are because the ideas, the beliefs, the so-called principles of Barack Obama are anathema to the United States of America as founded."

"Medicare is the number one spending item in the federal budget. Not Social Security. Not the defense budget. Medicare is what's going to run us into insolvency. It has to be reformed and fixed."

"We've got somebody who can articulate what we believe. It's in his heart. He doesn't need crib notes. He doesn't need briefings. He doesn't need a consultant to tell him what to think or how to answer a question. He knows it. He's lived it. It's his soul."

"I look at the Democrats trying to tar and feather this guy as they're going to. Have you noticed, for example, that in three days we already know more about Paul Ryan's life than we've learned about Obama's and Biden's in more than four years? And Ryan hasn't even written two biographies! Ryan hadn't even written one biography."

"I guarantee you, if Ryan and Romney win the election you're gonna see the stock market go through the roof. You're gonna see small businesses start to hire. It's gonna happen so fast you do believe it, the moment it's known that Obama's out of office."

"The greatest example of human prosperity is the United States of America, and it was not made up of the way Barack Obama sees it or wants it to be seen or wants it to exist."

"We now have somebody on the ticket who's us. Somebody's on the ticket who can explain all of this, who believes all of this in his heart and in his soul. His name is Paul Ryan, and he can do it with optimism and a smile on his face and no bitterness and so forth."

"You know, if he'd-a chosen, say, Rubio, the accusation would have been that Romney was pandering to a group. If he'd-a chosen Condi, same accusation: Pandering to a group. This pick told me that Romney is not just serious about winning, but governing."

"The subprime mortgage crisis is the foundation of the economic collapse, and it was brought to us by the Democrat Party in race-based errors. They thought it was unfair that people who couldn't afford to buy a house shouldn't have one, and it was a disaster. And we're still paying the price, pure and simple. Nothing complicated about it."

"The Democrats now think all they have to do is tie Paul Ryan to ending Medicare just like Kathy Hochul did, and they win every congressional race. That's what they're planning on doing."

"The current national debt is $16 trillion. Obama's budget, which has not secured one vote, projects that it will be $26 trillion in ten years. And his budget assumes tax increases on the rich. Sorry, folks. We can't sustain that. That's not doable. We can't survive that."


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