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Scores of Women Show Up at Romney-Ryan Rally, Andrea Mitchell Stunned
RUSH: I'm looking for Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington). Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) on Saturday immediately proclaimed that this selection of Paul Ryan was a signal that Romney was not interested in the women vote. The more you really stop and analyze what these people say, the more ridiculous it all is. And it ought not be that difficult to overcome. I'm continually stunned and amazed at how lacking in honest substance the arguments the left has are. I just am.

Lose the women's vote with the selection of Paul Ryan?

It's nonsense! "Scores of Women Mysteriously Appear at Romney/Ryan Rally, Andrea Mitchell Stumped." That's a headline from a blog post at Red State: "Scores of Women Mysteriously Appear at Romney/Ryan Rally," and Andrea Mitchell can't figure it out. How did it happen?

CBO: Drilling in ANWR Could Yield Billions in State, Federal Revenue
RUSH: The Congressional Budget Office "reports that opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas drilling would generate $5 billion in revenue over the next ten years and potentially $25 billion to $50 billion in revenue between 2023 and 2035. The report, requested by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, examined removing restrictions that also cover other lands and offshore areas.

"The $5 billion generated over the next ten years would mostly come from bonus payments made by private firms for the opportunity to explore and develop resources. Royalties on oil and natural gas production would not materialize for about a decade because of the lag time between leasing the land and the beginning of oil and gas production." Billions! Drilling in ANWR could mean billions in state and federal revenue -- and not only that.

Not only would it generate billions in state and federal revenue, it would give us a bunch of oil and a bunch of natural gas. It would make us that much further along the road to independence from foreign oil. But we can't do this 'cause, you see, those are old, tired, worn-out ideas. Producing our own oil and producing our own gas? Yeah, we've tried that before, and it just didn't work. It didn't work when we tried to produce our own gas. It didn't work when we tried to produce our own oil.

Nope! Obama told us this.

Obama tells us this all the time.

We can't go back to those days where we produced our own stuff. We can't go back to the days when we created our own jobs. Ah, that stuff started 200-plus years ago when the country was founded. That was always a trick! That was nothing more than a bunch of rich guys arranging things for themselves for the rest of time. Yeah, it never did work.

Left-Wing Media Hacks to Moderate Debates
RUSH: The debate schedule and moderators have been announced. First presidential debate, October 3rd in Denver, moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS (far left-wing, liberal Democrat). Town hall, October 16th, Hempstead, New York, moderated by Candy Crowley of CNN (far, far left-wing Democrat mama). Third presidential debate, October 22nd, not far from me down here in Boca Raton, moderated by Bob Schieffer (far, far-left-wing liberal Democrat -- and dinosaur. Correct, and dinosaur).

And the vice presidential debate will be October the 11th in Danville, Kentucky, and it will be hosted by Martha Raddatz of ABC (far, far left-wing, liberal Democrat). (interruption) Martha Raddatz? (interruption) "Where is she?" What do you mean, "Where is she?" She's at ABC. (interruption) Oh, "Who is she?" She's an infobabe at ABC. (interruption) What do you mean, "Who is she?" She has short blonde hair... (interruption) Yeah, "That could be a thousand of them." You'll know her when you see her, but it's the same old media hacks handling debates.

Seasoned Citizens Donate to Ryan
RUSH: Ah, looky here! Snerdley, I want you to pay attention. Snerdley's bugging me today. Snerdley's acting like none of this Medicare stuff matters, that all the media has to do is say, "Ryan wants to cut it," and it's over. You look like this is a lost cause in there. Snerdley, I know you're worried about it, but don't doubt me. Look at this. Roll Call: "One of the most prolific fundraisers in Congress, Ryan has drawn nearly $400,000 from retirees this election cycle, dramatically outperforming most House lawmakers, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics."

Seasoned citizens are giving to this guy more than anybody else in the House.

Why? So he can cut their Medicare?

Are they stupid?

Well, that's what Obama and Biden are gonna tell you.


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