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Guest Host Mark Belling

Belling's Opening Monologue

"If Romney and Ryan stick to their guns, explain their proposals, and tell the American people just who it is that is cutting Medicare -- Obama, $716 billion taken out of Medicare to fund Obamacare -- they can not only ride this out, they're going to earn the respect of the American people." -Mark Belling

"Who believes that Paul Ryan is running for vice president of the United States so he can hurt millions of people? He's one of the most sincere politicians I've ever met." -Mark Belling

Beltway GOP Frets Over Ryan

"Those in the Republican consultant class that aren't working for Romney -- the political consultants who get hired to get Republicans elected to various offices -- are of course going to be critical of how the Romney campaign is being run. But they all do have clients running for the Senate, House, and governorships. And they're out there quietly ripping on this whole Ryan thing." -Mark Belling.

The Paul Ryan I Know

"Whenever the national media writes anything about Wisconsin, you can tell they don't get us. It's like we're an alien planet. I'm reading all these stories about Ryan's district and they describe it as 'rural.' It's not. It's a combination of suburbs, factory towns and some rural. It's a clear swing district, yet every time he's won he's won by a large margin. Republicans who can win swing or Democratic areas need to be watched." -Mark Belling

Flashback 2010! Belling & Paul Ryan on EIB

"I believe the choice of Paul Ryan increases Mitt Romney's chances of winning. I've watched him grow in Wisconsin, and I've interviewed him a lot." -Mark Belling



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