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Guest Host Mark Belling

Has Biden Lost What Little He Had?

"Is it possible that Joe Biden is losing it? Not that he started at any high point to begin with, but the guy's no spring chicken. I think there's a story in here." -Mark Belling

No More MF Global Scandals!

"I think Republicans make a mistake when they carry water for the large financial institutions, because it's the liberals they've been in bed with. Just look at Jon Corzine and MF Global." -Mark Belling

"Think about the last time you heard liberals talk about 'corporate profits.' They're never happy about it. They call them 'obscene.' They don't even like the word 'profits.' It gives them the heebie-jeebies! But they need those profits to have money to pay for all the programs they want to pass." -Mark Belling

Why Spend So Much Time on Medicare?

"There's nobody who does a better job of explaining the need to save Medicare than Paul Ryan. Whether you agree with the Republican plan or not, Romney and Ryan are offering a way out of the Medicare problem." -Mark Belling

"Democrats have long had an issue edge on Medicare. Republicans cowered in fear. Here's why it's different in 2012. " -Karl Rove

Richard Chriss on Foreign Trade and China

"Gov. Romney understands, in the core of his being, that it's urgent for us to reestablish US global economic leadership, particularly in trade. He understands that as a businessman, and I think he understands that intuitively as an American who cares about the future of the country. He particularly understands that it's not the case that the world economy will all just work out fine whether or not the US is an effective leader." -Richard Chriss

"You're talking here about an American economy that is in the doldrums right now, and you just get the sense that if we can change the leadership here and come up with a president who wants America to succeed, that it isn't going to be that hard for us to turn the corner economically in this country." -Mark Belling

Flashback 2010! Belling & Paul Ryan on EIB

"I believe the choice of Paul Ryan increases Mitt Romney's chances of winning. I've watched him grow in Wisconsin, and I've interviewed him a lot." -Mark Belling



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