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Douglas Urbanski is Back!

"The liberals hate us. They will lie, they will cheat, they will steal to beat us and keep their agenda alive. If politics is war as Clausewitz said, the real battle hasn't even started yet. So I say, 'Good for Romney! He has finally realized that you don't take a badminton racket out at a Chicagoland gang fight!'" -Doug Urbanski

Romney's Taxes and Ryan's Gravitas

"A Democrat who's in the same business as Mitt Romney was in at Bain explained to me the simple reason why Mitt Romney doesn't show his tax returns. He said, 'I can not even tell you, when you're in the finance world, how complicated these things are.' The tax returns are an irrelevancy." -Doug Urbanski

"There's a great sense of humility and honor that Romney and Ryan show out on the trail. Wait until November 6th. There's a Chick-fil-A moment coming." -Doug Urbanski

We're Not Better Off Than We Were 4 Years Ago

"The left always calls us stupid. You are meant to feel deflated when you hear this, but I am determined that we are not going to let that depression creep in." -Doug Urbanski

"Even Obama knows the country is not better off today than it was four years ago. He must know that! Think of the economic data from today and 2008!" -Doug Urbanski

Hey, Obama! It's the Economy, Stupid!

"Think of how all of Obama's campaigns were run in the past. They were dependent on running down the other side. They got divorce records, and even dripped rumors of affairs against John McCain, said he maybe wasn't all there, and charged he wasn't born in America because of his Panama birth." -Doug Urbanski

"Obama says, 'We tried it your way and it doesn't work,' meaning the entire history of this country has never worked. In fact, we know the ways that were tried, and we know what works -- and doing what works is what we'd like to see done." -Doug Urbanski

Reject the Democrat Psyops Campaign

"Don't buy into the psyops mechanisms at work here from Obama. Our team is phenomenal. I hear music when they speak, and I'm very excited about it." -Doug Urbanski

"Ladies and gentlemen, Romney is not the problem here! The problem is incremental liberalism, the entitlement mindset, irresponsible government, cultural decay! Those things are tied to which party? The Democrat Party. That's the liberal agenda, and you will get more of that with gusto from Obama if he comes back." -Doug Urbanski


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