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Douglas Urbanski Guest Hosts

"There's an old advertising adage: 'The best campaign on earth will only hasten the end of a bad product.' The Democrats have a bad product in Obama. This is not 2008." -Doug Urbanski

The Tide is Turning Against Obama

"There are a lot of people out there who say that the election may come down to 'likability.' This is a thing that's puzzled me from the beginning about Obama. 'He's an orator! He's a speaker!' Ladies and gentlemen, in my real life day job I produce motion pictures and sometimes Broadway shows. I know what an 'orator' is, and I know what 'likeability' is. I never saw it here." -Doug Urbanski

"The media has got to be wondering: Have we backed a loser? They don't like losing. Can they live with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan?" -Doug Urbanski

Barack Obama's Worldview in a Sentence

"Liberals cannot stand to have their worldview challenged in any way, shape, matter or form. Smoke starts coming out of their ears when you challenge their worldview." -Doug Urbanski

"Barack Obama sees everything in terms of The Oppressed and The Oppressor, and he is the one to come and fix it. He sees himself as the one who brings justice to The Oppressed and brings down The Oppressor. This is why he wants to see America cut down to size. It's why he lets China build up and why he went to Cairo and gave that speech." -Doug Urbanski

America Has Been Through Worse

"Every single politician, the good ones and the bad ones, can be taught how to make their 60 Minutes interview a hundred times better." -Doug Urbanski

"The message is not enough. Ronald Reagan knew how to communicate and share what he learned along the way, but he was a great intellect, a great thinker. Read his letters. There are no cross-outs!" -Doug Urbanski

Obama Tries to Exploit Stupid Akin Rape Remarks

"Congressman Akin made idiotic remarks and he should be called out on it. Now, Romney has come out strongly. He's said it's wrong, it's insulting, and how dare Akin say it. He's distanced himself as far as he can go." -Doug Urbanski

"Obama did get a little testy looking in this press conference. The death stare was there a little bit. Obama wasn't expecting confrontation. He wasn't expecting questions on Medicare or his negative campaign. They're in the bunker in the Obama campaign." -Doug Urbanski


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