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"It takes Todd Akin on St. Louis TV to get Obama to go meet the press for the first time in two months? Not the unemployment rate? Not the sad state of the US economy? Not the building threat of Iran or China? This is why we have to replace this man and his entire regime."

"There's a contempt for Romney that's held by Obama and Michelle Obama. There is a personal, visceral dislike for Romney. And I know why. Romney personifies everything wrong with this country, in Obama's view."

"I know what Todd Akin was trying to say, but, I'm sorry. If he can't 'splain it, then get out! It's not that hard to say, 'It's not the baby's fault.' Just say that instead of this rigmarole about the woman's body 'shuts down'? For crying out loud! Aaaugh! Where are some brains? Just get some brains! Let's have some people we can look up to in office!"

"I have two natural tendencies. One is to avoid the pack, to avoid the conventional wisdom. When everybody seems to be uttering, voicing, doing the same thing, that's when I put on the brakes and say, "Do I want to join this mob?" And I also have, as you well know, a tendency to want to support conservatives who come under fire. It doesn't happen enough."

"One of the reasons why the double standard exists in the way Republicans in public life or conservatives in public life are treated versus liberal Democrats, is very simple to me, too. We have made it plain that we care about truth. We have made it plain that we care about honesty. We've made it plain we care about integrity and we care about virtue."

"Now, notice, folks, what prompted Obama to hold a so-called impromptu news conference. The Akin comment. Obama hasn't talked to the press other than People magazine or George Clooney or Entertainment Tonight in two months. The Akin comment prompts Obama to go to White House pressroom for 22 minutes."

"We are not unified in our desire to rid the earth of socialists. They are unified in their desire to rid the world of us. Politically. And as such, we have no unity on our side and a different purpose altogether."

"You want to talk about stupid? How about the economic policies running this country? They are stupid! They are indefensible, and they are stupid. The economic policies led by this administration, they are indefensible and they are stupid, and they are causing real damage and real harm to real people."

"I think there are a lot of things here larger than single individuals. Saving the country, from our perspective, is at the top of that. Repealing Obamacare is at the top of that. And any distraction that makes it tougher to vote for Romney and Ryan is something that we don't need."

"Everybody who is interested in the concept, the objective of saving this country as founded, has got to put every other personal concern aside, and that needs to be number one, particularly people in politics."

"Our society has been chickified profoundly, compared to when you and I grew up, folks."

"This is why Obama targets the youth. They don't know. They don't remember America. They haven't been taught America. To them, Obama and the Democrats are America. And that's why we have to save this nation for them."

"Romney is the classic illustration of a power elite that's been running this country from the days that it was founded. Romney personifies that. Romney is everything Obama dislikes about this country."

"If there is an economic rebound, and Romney is president, it's gonna be because Romney gets rid of the -- dare I say it? -- chains and shackles that Obama has put on this economy."

"I'm tired of stupidity in politics. I'm tired of it! I'm tired of being smarter than the leaders in this country. I want people I can look up to, not people that embarrass me. In both parties. I'm sick and tired of being smarter than all these people."

"I've always been amused at the double standard that exists. People that actually treat women with disrespect, people that actually do sexually assault women, people that treat them with profound disrespect are somehow heralded as great on women's issues and so forth."

"The fact is, folks, that this election's bigger than any single candidate. It's bigger than any double standard. It's bigger than any debate point that one might try to make and win because this election is about saving the nation."

"How would you like to be the mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, and you get up and the mayor of New York says, 'Hey, all you illegals, we're gonna send you to Detroit. You survive seven years there, not taking any federal or state money, and you qualify for citizenship.' This guy needs to be moved into the Joe Biden Memorial Insanity Clinic. And there is going to be one of those if this keeps up.

"All of this 'Hope and Change,' and all of this messianic stuff, all of this that attached itself to Obama in '08 is over. It's done with. And they are in trouble."

"There isn't going to be an economic recovery if Obama wins! The only way there's gonna be a recovery as if Obama loses, and Romney wipes out a bunch of economic policies that are currently in place, and if we repeal Obamacare. Otherwise there isn't gonna be a recovery, as we've known them in the past. It's laughable."

"It is blatantly stupid if the president of the United States thinks that by just sitting there and doing nothing after what he's already done, there's gonna be some magical economic recovery, and it's gonna happen next year or the year after that."

"When you hear that a 56-year-old Democrat has admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old boy at a rest stop? Meh! What's unusual about that? It just doesn't register. 'So?' It's not that big a deal when a Democrat does it, and the Democrats know it."


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