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It's Great to be Back at WRKO!
RUSH: Before we officially get going here, folks, I want to say it is great to be back in Boston.  We are back at AM 680 WRKO today, kicking off a brand-new period of broadcast excellence on our original affiliate there, and it's great to be back.  Happy to be back at WRKO in Boston.  And I, El Rushbo, am happy to be back, period.


Dems Send Biden to Wrong Convention
RUSH: I'm looking at the Drudge Report here, and he says that there are Secret Service agents in Tampa who say that they are advance team members for Vice President Bite Me. That Bite Me is coming on Monday and/or Tuesday of the Republicans convention, which is entirely possible.  Democrats mighta told Bite Me that the Democrat convention is the one in Tampa and they're sending him there so that he doesn't show up at the Democrat convention. (laughing)  I mean, it's entirely possible.  We know how confused old Chains gets at times, and we know that the Democrats really would love to be rid of him.  We do.  We do. 

Akin Asked State GOP Chairman to Step Aside for DUI
RUSH: This is somewhat interesting.  I didn't know this.  Snerdley, tell me if you knew this.  Back in 1997, Todd Akin asked the head of the Missouri Republican Party to step aside, 1997, after he got a DUI.  Yeah, it's from the archives of the Columbia Tribune newspaper.  "Republican lawmakers interviewed yesterday said they were expecting Richardson to step aside. 'That is the logical thing, just in terms of keeping our focus on legislation,' said Rep. Todd Akin, R-St. Louis."  So, yeah, back in '97 Todd Akin told a Missouri GOP head honcho to get out of there because of a DUI.

Doomberg: Send Immigrants to Detroit
RUSH: We're talking about stupid things that people say, and maybe stupid people.  "Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York said last week that the federal government should assign immigrants to live in cities such as Detroit and 'if they survive seven years' make them citizens. 'All the federal government’s got to do is say, "We’re gonna welcome here in this country--first come, first served--families, if they’re willing to come here under the following terms."'" Bloomberg was in Boston.  It was August 14th he said this. 

"We’re going to assign you a city -- let’s say Detroit -- you got to agree to not be arrested and not take any federal, state or city money, and you’ve got to live there for seven years, and if you survive seven years, we’ll make you and your family full citizens." Honest to God.  He said it.  Now, is anybody suggesting get this guy out of there?  It's Cybercast News Service.  Make immigrants live in Detroit.  If they survive seven years, make 'em citizens.  The mayor of New York City said that.  He said this back on August the 14th.  He was in Boston when he said it.  It's a week ago that he said it.  I'm not aware of anybody saying, "Oh, my God, oh, jeez, this guy's a Republican, oh, my God, he's embarrassing us, oh, jeez.  Oh, we gotta get rid of Bloomberg."  I don't even think anybody in Detroit said that. 

How would you like to be the mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, and you get up and the mayor of New York says, "Hey, all you illegals, we're gonna send you to Detroit. You survive seven years there, not taking any federal or state money, and you qualify for citizenship."  This guy needs to be moved into the Joe Biden Memorial Insanity Clinic.  And there is going to be one of those if this keeps up.  We're gonna need a home for insane, ludicrous, dumb politicians.  Name it after Biden. 

Regime: We Want Small Crowds
RUSH: You know, Obama is drawing smaller and smaller crowds everywhere he's going.  And so you know what they're saying?  Oh, we're doing it on purpose.  We are intentionally limiting the crowd size at our rallies.  Washington Times, last week: "The presumptive GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are attracting  thousands of supporters to their campaign rallies since Mr. Romney named Mr. Ryan to the bottom of the ticket. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has taken notice of the massive crowds at the Romney Ryan stump speeches and sent out an urgent e-mail to their supporters." And we read you one of those e-mails last week.  They're very concerned about the small crowd sizes for Obama and the big crowd sizes for Romney and Ryan. 

The New York Times is reporting that the Obama campaign saying that it is "intentionally limiting crowd size" at their events because of security and cost. And the next thing they're gonna tell us is that they are intentionally reducing the amount of money that they are raising. "'We have plenty of time for big rallies,' a campaign spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said between the rallies on Thursday. 'Our focus right now is on exciting our supporters and winning over undecided voters and the smaller and medium-size events are the best venue to accomplish that because the president can closely engage with the crowd.'

"Big rallies are expensive, especially given the logistical and security challenges for a president as opposed to a mere United States senator. And Obama campaign operatives, both at the Chicago headquarters and in swing states where Mr. Obama recently has stumped, say the campaign intentionally limits crowds by restricting tickets. The reason is to allow the president to better connect with supporters, aides say." And, of course, this is reported with an utterly straight face.

Oh, there's nothing to see here! These small crowds? That's what we want. Damn straight! We want nobody to show up.

Well, what else are they gonna say, that Obama and Biden are failures? "Yeah, we're having a problem. People just aren't excited by the president anymore. You know, the circus act that Biden used to be, people have gotten used to it. They've seen it now; it's not a big deal. So there's no longer all this excitement." Are they gonna say that? No, no. So they have to say, "There's too much enthusiasm. There's so much enthusiasm, we have to limit the size of the crowd at Obama rallies."

But the bottom line is the Obama fad is over. All of this "Hope and Change," and all of this messianic stuff, all of this that attached itself to Obama in '08 is over. It's done with. And they are in trouble. And I don't care what happens. Akin isn't gonna change that. Whatever Akin does or doesn't do isn't gonna change the dismal economic situation that we have that is the direct result of Obama's policies.

Democrat State Rep. Caught Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Boy at Rest Stop
RUSH: Folks, there is a story out there that hasn't gotten a lot of coverage. It is in the New York Daily News, but it's not gotten much traction. Let me share with you the details here. "Democratic leaders in Minnesota are demanding a state lawmaker withdraw from his re-election bid after police claim he admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old boy at a rest stop. While Rep. Kerry Gauthier, 56, will lose support from fellow Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party members if he continues with his campaign, party leaders stopped short Monday of asking him to immediately resign."

Now, this guy has admitted to give sex with a 17-year-old boy at a rest stop. (interruption) That's right. Gerry Studds in Massachusetts got promoted for this in the House of Representatives. He got a standing ovation in the process for hanging tough against calls that he should quit. You want to talk double standard? And again, there's nobody saying that this guy is doing damage to the Democrat "brand." And, quite frankly, he's not, because there aren't any lofty expectations of Democrats.

When you hear that a 56-year-old Democrat has admitted to having sex with a 17-year-old boy at a rest stop? Meh! What's unusual about that? It just doesn't register. "So?" It's not that big a deal when a Democrat does it, and the Democrats know it. "The first-term legislator wasn't charged in the alleged July 22 encounter because the legal age of consent in Minnesota is 16 and no money was exchanged, according to the St. Louis County attorney's office.

"Police say the two had oral sex behind a rest stop pavilion in Duluth after the teen responded to Gauthier's Craigslist ad looking for a 'no strings attached' sex. Police reports made public last week say Gauthier came clean about the rest stop rendezvous. The teen reportedly told officials that Gauthier was a stranger and he lied to the unmarried lawmaker when he said he was 18 years old. Troopers were alerted to the alleged incident by a woman at the rest stop who was complaining about a male urinating on her car."

Now we go to all of these ingredients in a story involving an elected Democrat, not a Democrat candidate for anything, and there aren't any stories about any damage to the Democrat brand. This guy's story did not cause Obama to end his two-month boycott of the media. We haven't heard Obama speak out against Mr. Gauthier, or Gauthier, however pronounces his name. "Trooper Scott Parker wrote in a report that he came across another man -- later identified as Gauthier -- behind a rest area building, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

"'It was at that time I noted his zipper was open and part of his shirt was hanging out. I asked him why his zipper was down and he said he didn't know,' Parker wrote. 'I told him to zip it up and leave. The male seemed nervous.'" Zip it up and leave. (interruption) It is. It's a Ted Kennedy moment: Zip it up and leave. "Gauthier took office last year representing the Duluth area in the Minnesota House of Representatives." So it's a local guy.

It's a state office; it's not a national office. The chairman of the Democrat Farmer-Labor Party "Ken Martin said in a statement Monday that Gauthier's actions are 'inexcusable.' 'No one in our party condones what he did, nor will we defend him in this matter,' Martin said..." But Democrat-Farm Labor "[P]arty leaders stopped short Monday of asking him to immediately resign." So we just mentioned this.

They're saying it's a private encounter, and it didn't affect anybody's ability to do their job, and it was only sex. You know, the usual excuses we get when Democrats are involved in this kind of thing. From the Pioneer Press newspaper: "Gauthier's district is a reliably Democratic one and the situation may complicate efforts by Democrats to regain control of the House." Might. It "might complicate" efforts. It's not guaranteed to complicate. It might not complicate, either.



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