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"Joe Biden is the poster boy for the Moron Vote. The more I think about it, the more I think they're sending Biden out to act and be stupid purposely, to relate to the people they're trying to get to vote for 'em."

"You can be upset at members of the Republican Party or the conservative movement who joined in unison to denounce Akin and to suggest that he get out of the race. But, by the same token, we have no obligation to support people who don't deserve it! And you don't deserve support just 'cause you say you're conservative. You don't deserve support just because you got an (R) beside your name."

"I don't think we're decamping because of this hurricane. I think we're gonna hang in here. The heck with it. If you can't handle 80-mile-an-hour winds, you don't deserve to live here."

"Here's what it boils down to: I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama. But I don't believe the country can survive in a country full of people that would reelect him. That's the great fear."

"If you have to go and talk to Jerry Springer about this, you're doing everything you can to reach the Moron Vote. You're doing everything you can to reach that subculture out there."

"Have you seen the networks are not gonna cover Ann Romney's speech on Monday night? They did cover Michelle (My Belle)'s speech in 2008. But they're not gonna cover Ann Romney's. In fact, CBS is gonna do a rerun of Hawaii 5-0, instead of carrying Ann Romney's speech at the Republican convention."

"Obama's policies are not oriented toward job creation. Obama's policies are not oriented toward expanding work. Obama's policies are oriented toward expanding government and handouts and expanding the number of takers."

"The American people, as you and I have known them to be, anyway, are resilient, and we can overcome whatever obstacles are put in our way. What we can't overcome is a country made up of losers, morons, and takers that would elect a guy like Obama."

"Obama admits that Romney's 'coming on strong.' That's an amazing admission. I don't recall incumbent presidents acknowledging their opposition in such fashion. Very rarely do you even acknowledge the opposition."

"Obama does not have an accomplished sense of humor. He's not known as a jokester. Obama doesn't know, really, how to make people laugh. He doesn't have comedic timing. He's too narcissistic to think there's anything about him that's funny."

"There's a Pew Research Center poll out. 'Fifty percent of adults defined as 'middle class' have suffered its worst decade in modern history.' I saw that last night, and that's the first thing I saw, and I went, 'Well, what are people gonna make of this? Worst decade in modern history.' This we know. People in the middle class know it. People not in the middle class looking at it know it. Everybody. This economy is pathetic."

"Obama has 'a plan to rebuild America from the ground up'? That's 'cause he's gonna destroy it! There isn't gonna be anything left."

"Obama's got this great plan, where is it? 'Cause whatever he's doing now is doing the exact opposite of what Clinton claims Obama is able to do! Obama can't rebuild anything. He hasn't rebuilt jack!"

"I had to learn to take being hated as a sign of success. Now, who grows up wanting that? Who in the world is raised to be hated (other than maybe, you know, these despots that have lived). I don't think anybody is raised or wants to grow up to be hated, and certainly not to have that be defined as part of your success."

"I want you to imagine Election Day plus one, the day after the election, if the Democrats lose North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. If that happens, there is going to be hell to pay like you haven't seen. If that happens, no way they can charge fraud. It won't stop 'em, maybe. But if that happens, you are going to see one of the biggest soul searches you've ever seen."

"For the Democrats education's indoctrination. And after you've indoctrinated them, then you send 'em to the work-training center, because education is not about a career. Education is not about getting a job. Education is where you propagandize. Education -- schools at all levels -- is where you inculcate your ideology."

"I don't care what anybody says, folks. He does not have that aura that he had in 2008. It's blown. His cover is blown wide open and he is seen to be human and incompetent at that."

"You know what a big deal it is to catch me in a mistake? It's huge. It makes people's day. It doesn't happen very often. And so when people catch me making a mistake, they just can't wait to point it out."


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