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Will Hurricane Threaten EIB Southern Command? 
RUSH: They moved the latest hurricane track further to the west at 11 o'clock. The staff on the other side of the glass is wondering what we're gonna do. Are we gonna decamp? Are we gonna go to a secure location and do the program? And, of course, this is all up to me. And two days ago I woulda said, "Yeah, we're gonna decamp." But they keep moving this thing further west, and I don't want to decamp if I don't have to. I don't want to have to leave.

And now the latest says 80-mile-an-hour winds, Naples, Category 1. There's only one model... Folks, I gotta be very careful because I'm not the National Hurricane Center, and I'm not a meteorologist. I'm not a hurricane specialist, and I'm not the final authority. But I've looked at the major models that they use, and only one of them turns this thing into a hurricane after it finishes with Cuba. It's forecast to be a hurricane for a while, then it hits the Dominican Republic. One of the biggest enemies of a hurricane is high elevation. It changes air pressure; it can destroy the eye, the eye wall structure.

And if it goes north enough over the Dominican and gets into the high mountains there, it could wreak havoc on the thing. Not dissipate it, but take it away from hurricane down to tropical storm strength. It's forecast to be over the Dominican Republic (Hispaniola, Dominican and Haiti) long enough that it should weaken. Then it becomes a hurricane just briefly once again from the Dominican to Cuba. Then over Cuba (it's over Cuba quite a while according to this latest track) it'll weaken again. So it comes off of Cuba heading to the Keys now, Key West.

What I was gonna tell you is only one model turns this thing into a hurricane. Only one model of the major models turns this thing into a hurricane coming off Cuba. So they're reporting it will be a Cat 1 (80-mile-an-hour winds) off of Naples. And then it just keeps tracking northwest and doesn't direct-hit Tampa; it is gonna be offshore a bit. But the primary wind field is on the east side of this thing. So the strongest winds could be in the Tampa area.

So you have the mayor of Tampa out there talking about, "Oh, yeah, we'll shut down. We'll evacuate! We got no problem shutting down. We'll 'condense' this thing. We have no my problem shutting down this convention." What happens if they do? And we all know that Obama's out there steering this thing, just like they said Bush was steering Katrina into New Orleans. (There are people who actually believed that.) So, as far as it affecting us at the EIB Southern Command...

See, there is Fox. Fox has got it up there now. You can see the track. It's a hurricane at Key West, and a Category 1 way off of Tampa. But the wind field there, as I say, is on the eastern side of it, the primary winds. So it's gonna be a tough call. It'll be a tough call. Because it could still veer in a direction that is not directly along that track that they have forecast. But at least as far as you guys on the other side of the glass, I don't think we're decamping. I think we're gonna hang in here. The heck with it. If you can't handle 80-mile-an-hour winds, you don't deserve to live here.

It's the way I look at it. And if we lose power, we lose power. We have generators and we have backups, so we're covered. That's a way I'm looking at it now. It's a major decision. "Do we put the storm shutters up?" Gotta figure that out. Certainly gotta move the furniture in from the pool. You don't want to leave that stuff out. If it starts flying around, it could be projectiles and missiles. Anyway, as for the Republican convention, who knows what's gonna happen? Or if it's gonna happen over one night or two nights.

Can you imagine if they condense this thing and it's a two-night convention? You get Christie and then Ryan and then Romney all in the space of 24 hours.

Percentage Chances Isaac Hits Tampa
RUSH: Latest data on Tropical Storm Isaac, as of 11 a.m., from the National Hurricane Center. Here are the actual percentage probabilities. It has nothing to do with the track. Well, it does, but I'm not getting the information from the track. If you dig deep at the National Hurricane Center's website, if you go beyond the track, you can find some interesting stuff. And right now there is a 24% probability that Tampa, Florida, will experience winds of 34 knots on Tuesday. (That's a tropical depression.)

There is a 6% possibility that Tampa would experience tropical storm winds, 50 knots. Now, 50 knots is 57 miles an hour, to give you an idea. There's a 1% probability that Tampa will face hurricane winds on Tuesday at eight a.m. So 65 knots is a hurricane, 74 miles an hour. There's a 1% chance of that, according to the National Hurricane Center, a 6% chance of tropical storm winds, and a 24% probability of tropical depression.

Now, the numbers increase a little as you get into Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Now, I don't know on what basis the powers that be in Tampa will decide whether or not they should cancel the convention, postpone it, delay it, compress it, or what have you. But those are the actually percentage probabilities as announced by the National Hurricane Center as of 11 a.m. Eastern.

Michelle Obama: Vote November 2nd
RUSH: Have you seen the networks are not gonna cover Ann Romney's speech on Monday night? They did cover Michelle (My Belle)'s speech in 2008. But they're not gonna cover Ann Romney's. In fact, CBS is gonna do a rerun of Hawaii 5-0, instead of carrying Ann Romney's speech at the Republican convention.

And did you see that Michelle Obama's urging Obama supporters to get out and vote on November 2nd? The only problem is, that's not Election Day. Michelle Obama did say, "And don't let us down! Be there on November 2nd!" Now, when Republicans put ads out in Democrat neighborhoods saying they should vote on the wrong day, you know what kind of hell that unleashes. "What, do you think our voters are stupid?" Yes! That's why we try to trick 'em. It doesn't take much.

But here Michelle Obama is doing it all for us. Election Day, November 2nd!

Young People Angry About Economy
RUSH: From Paul Bedard at WashingtonExaminer.com. He used to be at US News & World Report. "Younger voters, angry with the lack of jobs and a stalled economy that's cut their entertainment budget and forced many to live with mom and dad, are expected to flock to the polls in even greater numbers than 2008... While 51% of Millennials age 18-29 voted in the 2008 election, 76% plan to vote this fall, according to a new poll from the influential group Generation Opportunity..."

Now, that's a 50% increase in the number of people in that demo who voted for "Hope and Change" in 2008. I know you're asking, "Well, okay. But, Rush, who does the poll say they're gonna vote for?" Oh, they didn't ask that. (laughing) They didn't! It says right here: "While the group did not ask who younger voters prefer in the presidential race, they are inspired no more and are clearly driven by anger over the economy and the fact that they might not have lives as good as their parents.

"The poll of 1,003 adults aged 18-29 was conducted at the end of July. It has an error margin of plus-or-minus 3.1%." How in the world do you go out and conduct a poll like this and not ask 'em for whom they're gonna vote? So we're left to assume. So if you get news that adults between 18 and 29 are really ticked off that they have to live home with mom and dad (and their entertainment budget has been cut) because the economy's so bad, that they're now gonna vote in a 50% increase in numbers, would you think that that means they're gonna vote for the status quo?

I wouldn't.

But they didn't ask.

Of course, we're talking about 18 to 29 years olds. We don't know what they know in this particular group, what they've been taught, what their education is. So it's one of these things. If you get a story that all these young people are really ticked off at the economy, the lack of jobs, and pared-down entertainment budget (it's important to throw that in there: Pared-down entertainment budget), then you would think they'd want a "change." Change from what.

Do they still blame Bush?

Do these 18 to 29 year olds still think the problems that we're having are because of Bush?

And poor old Obama!

He's done everything he can!

Yeah, let's vote for the guy in office now while it's so bad!

But they didn't ask.

VP Debate Moderator was Married to Obama Official
RUSH: Here's something else.  I know that Washington's an incestuous place.  I know they're all married to each other, and I know that they go through revolving doors from journalism to media to back to the Supreme Court to wherever they end up.  I did not know that Martha Raddatz of ABC News was married to the FCC commissioner, Julius Genachowski.  I did not know. I know Chuck Todd's married to some Democrat consultant.  I know that David Gregory is married to some babe that works at Fannie Mae.  I know that "Angrier" Mitchell is married to what's-his-face, Alan Greenspan. 

I know the incestuous nature of the place.  They're all married to each other.  But I didn't know that, and it's a story here in the Daily Caller.  "The moderator of the lone October vice presidential debate was previously married to a top Obama official, an association both ABC News and the left-leaning Commission on Presidential Debates do not view as a conflict of interest." How could it be?  How could it be a conflict of interest?  If you are in the dominant liberal culture of Washington, and you have a former top Obama official married to a debate moderator, where could there be a conflict? 

"ABC Senior Foreign Correspondent Martha Raddatz, whose role as moderator was announced on August 13, was previously married to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski -- an Obama appointee. Genachowki and Raddatz were married in 1991, the same year he graduated from Harvard Law School. Their marriage ended in 1997; the two have a son together. Raddatz does not report on the FCC for ABC News." Oh, oh, that would be a conflict.  That's good.  ABC makes sure that she doesn't report on the FCC.  So we can trust, folks, that there's no conflict there. 

"Genachowski and classmate Barack Obama worked together on the Harvard Law Review, Genachowski as notes editor and Obama as the publication’s president. They graduated in the same class." My gosh, folks, we actually found somebody that went to school with Obama. It's Harvard.  Not Columbia, and not Occidental, but Harvard, Julius Genachowski.  "ABC did not consider the disclosure of Raddatz’s ties to an Obama appointee necessary when it issued a press release announcing that the Commission on Presidential Debates had selected her to moderate," the VP debate.  Of course not.  Why would that matter to anybody?  Why would it matter?  She used to be married to an Obama top adviser?  Everybody knows she's there to help destroy Ryan, so what possible conflict could there be? 

You know who the commission on presidential debates co-chairman is?  Mike McCurry, the former press secretary for Clinton.  "Commission on Presidential Debates co-chair Mike McCurry said his organization did not take Raddatz’ prior marriage into account when selecting her. 'We selected the moderators based on their reputations for integrity and journalistic impartiality among other things,' McCurry told The DC. 'What counts is the quality of their work, not who they may have been married to in the past.' ... Commission board member Newton Minow, who was FCC chairman under President John F. Kennedy, was an early and prominent supporter of Obama’s 2008 campaign."

There's a tie here.  Ah, it's too long to point it out.  It's another example of incestuousness from the FCC and Democrats to Obama to debate moderators.  Oh, here it is.  Martha Minow -- she's the dean of Harvard Law -- was recently on Obama's short list for a Supreme Court nomination.  "Obama nominated Minow’s other daughter, Mary, in 2010 to serve on the National Museum and Library Services Board."  And these two babes' father was Newton Minow, FCC guy back in '61, JFK, and is an emeritus type guy at the FCC.  So there's not a Republican to be found anywhere in this entire arrangement.  Nowhere.

Poll: Fix Deficit Before More Education Spending
RUSH: Another interesting poll, the Washington Times: "What's more important than ensuring that children get a better education? For most Americans this election cycle, it's the federal budget." Do you believe this? As the regime and "Obama continues to assail the Republican presidential ticket for pushing a budget blueprint that could cut education spending," which it doesn't. There isn't a cut anywhere! Not yet. "[P]olling data that emerged Wednesday shows that the vast majority of Americans think getting the US back on solid fiscal footing trumps increasing school funding."


Gosh, I hope so!

That makes so much sense to me, and it tells me that we're not yet a majority nation of morons. And this is the Tea Party, folks. This is the Tea Party. When you see this poll and this result -- that more Americans want our fiscal problems solved before school funding goes up -- that's the Tea Party. I'll tell you what else it means. It means that at least the people in this poll fully understand that our problems in education are not money. We're spending plenty.

It's who we have teaching kids.

It's what they're being taught. It's the curriculum.

I mean, you've got high school seniors who can't read their diplomas. We have to have job-training centers for people that come out of college! What the hell? Why do we need one job-training center if we got a decent education system? What's the point of education? Among other things, it's to teach people how to work. It's to help focus them and educate them toward a career and citizenship! But, see, it's not for the Democrats. Education's indoctrination.

And after you've indoctrinated them, then you send 'em to the work-training center, because education is not about a career. Education is not about getting a job. Education is where you propagandize. Education -- schools at all levels -- is where you inculcate your ideology. "A survey by Gallup and the Phi Delta Kappa International education association finds that 60% of Americans think it's more important to balance the federal budget than to 'improve the quality of education.'"

Folks, 24 years ago, if this question had been asked of people, it wouldn't have registered.

Balancing the federal budget wouldn't have mattered to anywhere near a majority of the American people.

Change is ongoing and constant.

No El Rushbo at RNC
RUSH: What do you mean "do a flyover" at the convention? Honest to God, three reporters in the last week have sent me e-mails wanting to know what parties and social activities I'm attending at the convention so they can cover them.


You've got more? Well, I've had three. So that's HR. He's had even more requests. I've had three reporters inquire: "What parties are you attending, what social functions, so we can go? We want to cover them."

I wrote them and said, "Sorry, I'm too famous. I'm not going."

And I didn't hear back from 'em after that.


Oh, no. You've got invitations. I'm talking about press requests to follow me. They want to know what parties they need to get tickets for in order to cover me. One of them did write back and say, "Well, if you're not going, I don't know why I should." (chuckles) 'Cause I'm not going. Anyway, Snerdley asked if I was gonna go do a flyover in EIB 1. Do a flyby, dip the wings, and officially kick the thing off. I hadn't thought about that. I actually hadn't thought about it. It's not a bad idea.









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