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Morning Update: Road Trip

State election officials say Kerry Gauthier can't be replaced on the ballot, so a write-in candidate must be selected. However, democrats are making moves to replace him -- on the ballot. Yes, if Democrats don't like election laws -- they'll just make up new rules. Just ask Bob Torricelli and Lautenberg.

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Obama Has Millions of Fake Twitter Followers ... Rasmussen: Obama Takes Lead in Missouri ... Media: Gas Prices Don't Matter Anymore ... NYC Shooter was Fast Food Addict ...

Was Sarah Palin Snubbed?

RUSH: She has written on her Facebook page about it, and it was somewhat vague. She simply said that she wasn't going and that this convention was time to let others have the microphone. It didn't seem that she was bitter.

Obama Produced Utter Economic Disaster

RUSH:  That's what he wants people thinking of when they think government. They'll pay off the mortgage, pay off student loans, take care of stuff like this. That's what the government is for.

Obama's Only Agenda: Hate Romney

RUSH: Let me ask you this, any of you paying attention to Obama at these campaign appearances: Have you heard him say what he wants to do the next four years? Be honest.

Caller Reveals Chip Bag Secret

RUSH: You're going way, way back. We had a young man call here some weeks ago and wanted to know why there's more air in a potato chip bag since Obama was elected.


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