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Pearls of Wisdom

"The reason Obama is so desperate to get Romney's tax returns is because Obama wants to show his base voters what a tax return looks like. "

"Obama's entire campaign consists of trying to scare everybody in his pathetic base of voters about what a bad guy Romney is. His agenda is to try to get people to hate Mitt Romney. That's the Obama second-term agenda, to get you to hate Mitt Romney."

"We're told now that Lance Armstrong didn't win those seven Tours de France, and Penn State didn't win all those football games for ten years. The Soviet Union was never this good at rewriting history. They tried, but they weren't this good."

"If Romney and Ryan win, we're not gonna need to wait for calendar 2013 to see movement in the economy. You're going to see immediate economic results."

"The media rips people apart after building them up. It's how small people make themselves feel big. It's how small, irrelevant people make themselves feel like they matter. It's to disqualify achievements of others, or to criticize them, or to destroy them."

"Nike loves guide with 'tude. Nike loves the guys with attitude. They love 'em. They love the guys that skirt the edge."

"How rare it is that a mainstream media outlet actually questions the honesty and veracity of a Democrat. How rare that is that, when it happened last night on CNN, everybody stopped what they were doing and told everybody they knew about it? To me, that alone is an illustration of just how out of whack the media is."

"The only thing the media cares about is the same thing the Democrats care about, and that is defeating (however necessary) conservatives. Tarring, feathering, discrediting -- impugning the character, honesty, and veracity of -- conservatives whatever it takes. The media has joined that."

"I'm gonna make a prediction for you. It's gonna be fascinating to watch. The Obama bashing at the Republican convention is gonna be delicious. It's gonna be five-star restaurant type stuff. I mean, you are gonna loooove it.:

"There's a lot of inactivity out there in the American private sector, based simply on outrage and fear of what's in store if Obama wins another four years."

"I wouldn't be surprised if Dinesh's movie is maybe the second-highest grossing box office movie of the weekend. I wouldn't be surprised. If it's number three, I would not be surprised. And stop and think: It's a documentary."

"That's what Obama wants people thinking when they think of the government. They'll pay off the mortgage, pay off student loans, take care of stuff like this. That's what the government is for. That's what being an American is."

"To me, Obama was just the next liberal to come down the pike. And if you know one liberal, you know them all, and there's no such thing as a new one. There's no such thing as some liberal like we've never seen before."

"You know, a journalist being praised by me doesn't help them, 'cause journalists so dislike me."



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