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Morning Update: Puff!

On Friday, the US Court of Appeals in Washington issued a fascinating 2-1 decision. They ruled that the Food and Drug Administration had overstepped its authority in ordering tobacco companies to put new graphic warning labels on cigarettes.

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Romney Up One in WaPo Poll That Oversamples Dems... No, I'm Still Not Going to the Convention... When's the New iPhone Coming Out?

Did You Win or Lose, Senator Dole?

RUSH: These guys who are the architects of defeat tell us we have to be more like them.  And yet you go back and you find landslide Republican victories -- either the House takeover in '94 or Reagan in '80 and '84, what do you find?  Conservatism.

Contemplating the Undecideds

RUSH: Along with that 50-year theme that Republicans hate people is the theme that Democrats love people and want to give them everything. So when genuine Democrat destruction takes place, it's just not believable that the Democrats would do that.


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